i wanna be a model

Song Length 4:16 Genre Electronic - Electronica
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


I Wanna be a Model! I think I have what it takes. I got a big bootie! I got a tiny waist. I'm not a size zero. Hell, i'm not even a four. But, shoot, i'm still pretty. Don't act like you don't know!

Hook: Front. Center. Sway hips. Shoulder. Tilt Head. Kisses. Profile. Butt Out. Knee. Angle Chin. Showtime. OOH!

I'm really not conceited. I just do this at home and practice being sexy when i'm talking on my phone. You see my model walk? I learned it all by myself. I got about seven and watching Ms. Jay helped.


I'm working every angle to find my good side. The things I wanna show ya. The things I wanna hide. Damn, ain't nobody perfect. What the hell do they know? Since i'm a child of God, by default, I'm beautiful.

Bridge: Hell yeah (reapeat)
Don't worry about what they say, no. Cuz what do they know? Work....

I got that look, baby.
You got that look, baby.
We got that look, baby.
Let's go get booked, baby.

Lyrics Alia Marie Music Alia Marie
Producer Alia Marie Publisher Make Over Music
Performance Alia Marie

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