Bruce "Snake88" Jackson is the keyboard man. His 35+ year's has proven him to be a top notch player in the area. Soon to release CD "Never The SaneTwice" will feature a wide array the musical style's. From Rock to Smooth Jazz to Reggae to R&B to Country, Bruce cover's the map. He can put the groove to everything possible and some impossibe. Bruce can be seen around the Twin Cities Area with MoonDogs88---Hi Jink....Jahz....Ipso Facto......and many other's.

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Currently playing every weekend at Tracks Bar and Grille on University and Prior in St Paul MN with the MoonDog88 Band. We play anything and everything and play it for you.Check out our web site


Musician---Composer---Teacher---Tuner---Recording Artist. Soon to come CD "NEVER THE SANE TWICE" .Bruce can be seen around Twin Citie's with MOONDOGS88--- WAYNE MCFARLANE'S JAHZ------------IPSO FACTO. Stay tuned for a big fun and PEACE !!!!!!!

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