I was globetrotting as a show-dancer, eventually living part-time on Ibiza where I got pulled back into singing and song-writing.

Then I moved to Berlin where I'm now in 2 different music projects;

One is a really laidback and fun rockband named WIRED CHILL, founded by Andre on guitar, Andrzej on bass and myself the vocal.

The seccond project is SmilaZ, a somewhat alternative pop type of project where I have just been doing what I feel like without thinking of genre, and now with a producer and also allowing myself the experience of having a couple of song-melodies made for me instead of by me only all the time, as a part of my learning and growing with the crafts of making music.

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SmilaZ - 1st EP is coming out ...

Wired Chill - has shared their first 6 DEMOs online
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