OVERVIEW : Founded in 2001 by Franky DSVD (Channel Zero) The band dominates through an onslaught of melodic vocals and grooverock guitars, reinforced by smash out beats. Their trademark sound, is the melody that is laced throughout their music, taking listeners on an emotionally diverse rollercoaster ride. When accompanied by their live performance, even the rockest to impress are left gasping by breath. Skitsoy has supported bands like 3 Doors Down,Staind, Anthrax, Machine Head,Motorhead,ect...

- Skitsoy got invited at the Canadian Music week for 3 shows and 1 radioshow.
- Skitsoy is Belgium’s biggest growing rockband, with a huge fanbase around the country/globe.
- Not many bands play the style Skitsoy plays , Yet, every rockfan likes it.
- Booked by Clear Channel Belgium after the tourmanager of Machine Head recommended us after seeing a Skitsoy show.


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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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