Six Seconds Away is the solo project of Iowa musician Matthew Hepworth. The project came about as a result of Hepworth leaving his high school band upon entry to college. Over the course of his first semester, he stopped attending classes and began demoing song ideas in earnest in his dorm room. This was followed by his decision to self-record/produce a release of the songs that he had finalized during that time, and over the winter break between semesters, he began production, interrupting briefly to attempt attending class second semester before devoting his time to recording the songs. After finishing instrumental production, Hepworth asked local engineer/producer and Beat Strings keyboardist Chris Brown to assist in recording vocals, leading Hepworth to give a co-production credit on the album to Brown. The album, Highland Park, was released by Hepworth on his label Points of Authority Records on June 27th, 2006.

Latest News

7/24/07 - WOW! "Decline" has entered the worldwide Hard Rock Top 10 Chart today! Awesome! In addition, it also is on the Iowa Top 10 Chart as well, along with "Beyond All Things" - thank you so much, everyone!

7/13/07 - We're pleased to announce that "Beyond All Things" made it into the Top 10 Chart for Iowa today! Thanks to those who reviewed it, your feedback is appreciated and your ratings are MUCH appreciated! :-P



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