Sixpin is a modern rock band with an infectious sound. Melody, rhythm and insightful lyrics snare the listener, bringing them to a whole new world of progressive, powerful rock music.

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Upcoming release date - 1/11/11!

Sixpin's upcoming EP, titled Blunt Objects, will feature 5 brand new songs from the band and a re-worked version of A Perfect Circles "Weak And Powerless!"

Andrew Robert Mitchell

Andrew Robert Mitchell is a singer/songwriter who's not afraid to push the limits to create a new and unique sound. His influences span over decades of music and include greats like James Taylor and Paul Simon, to contemporary artists like Jose Gonzalez and Elliott Smith.

Andrew's unique sound starts with his voice. Different, full and powerful, his voice separates his music from the rest, giving a distinct and unique calling card to his songs.

Andrew Robert Mitchell is a man of many hats. As a musician, he easily stands out from the flock. But he is also a talented graphic artist and web designer, giving him an edge that is more than necessary in todays world of social networking and viral marketing.

Over the past 15 years Andy has seen his music placed on hit Spike TV shows like WEC and UFC, as well as winning an ASCAP USA Songwriters Competition award in 2008 for his song, "Disintegrate (Sixpin)." He has opened shows for touring national acts, as well as playing solo throughout the Northeast.

His first solo release, "A Boy and His Airplane," is due to release Spring 2011. The record will showcase his acoustic music and songwriting style.

Andy uses the internet in all of it's glory and splendor! Using email, Facebook, twitter MySpace Ads, Google marketing and countless other web based marketing tools, Andy spreads the word quickly and effectively every time he launches a new campaign or project. Look for "A Boy and His Airplane" soon to see his coordinated online efforts in action.

Honors: 2008 ASCAP Songwriting Contest - Honorable Mentions 2008 ASCAP Songwriting Contest - Runner Up

Commercial Performance Experience: Vocal talent for Square Enix Nintendo DS game "The World Ends With You"

About Sixpin

Throughout life, the connection between people can become broken by circumstance. Love and relationships can be destroyed by the distance between souls, and when the ability to re-connect is lost we drift apart. In order to fight through, a common ground must be established. The music of Sixpin is dedicated to creating that common ground; that place where everyone can feel that they are a part of something great. Once a connection is made, the possibilies are endless...

Every person in every walk of life travels a different road. More often than not, though, these seemingly independent people are in fact connected by the world around them. The things, places and issues surrounding us all are what makes us one thing: human. These are the things that inspire Sixpin to create their unique brand powerful, creative and energetic music.

The bands debut release, "Made to bleed," is a breakthrough in the rock genre. Taking sounds from early nineties influences with modern day songwriting and production, the band has created a signature sound that cuts above the rest. Stylistic guitar playing with melodic, intuitive vocals make each of the 12 powerful songs on Made to bleed it's own entity, fully capable of standing on it's own as a single. Listen to Made to bleed and make your own judgement. You'll quickly hear that there is something special about Sixpin, something that will keep you listening to their songs over and over again...

A Story of No Parallel

Born of the desheveled streets of Niagara Falls, NY, Sixpin brings a sound that shakes the ground and deals with heartache, loss and perseverance.


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over 30 days ago to Sixpin

hi guys, cool just send me over two mixes whatever lengh in wav file format. if poss 44.1 khz 16 or 24 bit. if you can send me over the mixes without any compression or stereo effects on them then i can do more with the mix. i will be able to lift your mixes and give them a new lease of life. send them to my studio address thanks dave

over 30 days ago to Sixpin

Hi, i hope you make me a connection. Just a heads up to let you know that as a celebration of my first year on broadjam and with my new studio just opened, I am offering to fully remaster two of any of your songs for free. I will send back to you a fully remastered wav and a mp3 file all for no charge. If you are interested please get in touch with me and I will give you more details of what I need to give you a pro sounding Master. thanks

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