"Creating thought provoking niche music is pretty hard, Shaun England is a master at it"-I AM ENTERTAINMENT Magazine.

"His music combines old time country with blues sensibilities, a rare treat"-Living Arts Magazine.

Recently recognized by The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts, Shaun England and his band-John Disanto,Jeff Williams,Joe Santerre and Jim Antonelli continue to create original poetic blues that is laced with jazz,rock and country to create their blend of American music.

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Tied To The Tracks nominated last year for song of the year. The band is recording a track for the Off White Beatles tribute album produced in California. Scheduled release is early next year.

Shaun England and his band can be heard throughout New England in the coming months, please check the website for performances.

George Dow -The Noise

All of Shaun England's press mention Leonard Cohen. It's odd there is no mention of Lou Reed who Shaun shares distinct vocal similarities. These tracks highlight an introspective songwriting style.

Rae Dawn Chong

I enjoy Shaun England for his haunting arrangements, with his straightforward vocals in the grand tradition of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, his blue collar roots resonate in his vocal tone.

I feel richer to know that a musical soul like his is willing to share his big talent with all of us. We are made stronger and life is easier with his music.

Julia Destefano October-2011

The American poet Walt Whitman once said,"simplicity is the glory of expression," a statement that rings true throughout singer songwriter Shaun England's heartfelt material and honest,intimate approach.

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Chartreuse Culotte
over 30 days ago to Shaun England

Mr. Shaun, You is one cool cumber. Eric say your shlong is your song. Eric say a dude like you should have lots of Hot Girls following him around like a loyal hunting dog. How come a big city dude like you is only gots 49 plays? We done our best to push em up. Might be you could kindly return the favor. - Fever

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to Shaun England

Shaun, man, you really do sound like Lou Reed mixed with Johnny Cash! I list Lou on my site because I think like him, and Leonard because he was my Teacher> Check out my LovePops site for Talk and Flower (With Dianne). Your Friends are your Family - Nick

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Shaun England
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much Nick, I love your work, I am going to listen to Talk and Flower now. Take care, Shaun.

Dianne MacAdam
over 30 days ago to Shaun England

How about some music Shaun?

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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