Shane Sanders composes abstract compositions that spiral between danger and dream states.

"Lepidoptera" is his latest full length album. It is a dynamic set of works that build upon the experimental territory explored in his previous albums.

Additionally, he also creates down-tempo and rock/pop influenced works. Usually there is a distinct world-culture influence on all of these styles.


Magic Frog :
Shane Sanders (BMI) & Claire Fitch (CAE) - [ visit ]

I'm Not Numb:
Shane Sanders (BMI) & Jeff Caylor (ASCAP) - [ visit ] [Lyrics and vocals by Caylor]

Modern Times :
Garret Gengler, Shane Sanders (BMI), Mark Stolk, Rory Dow - [ lyrics and vocals by Gengler ]

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Everything. No kidding.


I'm a composer and artist living in Nashville, Tennessee.

Music fascinated me early in life, and I owned guitars as early as high school, but it wasn't until my first year of university that I became serious about applying my mind toward musical composition.

I studied electronic music at the University of Tennessee, using the ARP 2600, Synthi AKS, Ensoniq VFX, and a few early digital samplers. All of these were recorded to actual tape, and editing was difficult, sometimes to the point of compromise in the creative goals.

Then came the home studio revolution, and I have been computer-based for a long time now. I spend a lot of my time using plugins and a DAW, just like everyone else.

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