My name is Jake O. I got also other artist names. I'm an artist, songwriter, music producer, technician and much more. I mostly use a mobile recording studio for music production. I work on music in diverse genres like Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Electronic, House and Ambient. (Some artists recorded in the recording studios are documented, supported by their career decisions and have to agree to conditions from individual contracts based on single artworks). I'm a member of an author society.
I've done some artistic work with some artists as a music producer. I would like to find an investor, to make a music video in hip hop genre. Nowdays i would like to buy new professional, quality plug ins for music production. There is so much i want to do. I want to have fun, enjoy my time and travel sometimes. My interest are: computers, events, music, movies, fashion, photography, sports, technology and much more.

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I'd made some music for movies. This year i'll work on a new music instrumental for a ballad. I work on music instrumentals in diverse genres. I wonna make a new music instrumental for the US Top charts. I want to enjoy my time have much fun and travel sometimes.
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