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Just got my latest CD, "Show Me", in from

I'm really proud of it and it's selling well when I perform. I'm uploading cuts to Broadjam.

Scout Bio

Born 1992, Anchorage, Alaska
Genres: Country, rock, contemporary singer/songwriter

With her strong, expressive voice, and rich vibrato, Scout's guitar-fueled songwriting blends emotional lyrics with creative melodies. Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, she began exploring her voice and her fascination with words early, creating songs based on her experiences and her imagination. Her natural performing ability has developed into a remarkable stage presence, well beyond her 16 years. Scout is as comfortable fronting a band in a hopping bar, as she is playing solo with her guitar in a coffee house.

Following the release of two early CD's, made as very young singer/songwriter, Scout is releasing her latest work, Show Me, a blend of her own country, alternative, and rock-influenced music. This versatile CD features the talents of several notable performers in the Anchorage live music scene and illustrates the influences of John Mayer, Tracy Chapman, Bob Dylan, Cold Play, and Dave Mathews. A regular performer, Scout is a member of the Country Music Association and publishes her own music. She is also a budding impresario and philanthropist, organizing songwriter's nights in support of her favorite charity, Operation Smile. Her beautiful voice is also in steady demand to sing the National Anthem at public and sporting events.

This is somebody you will want to watch. You can find her at

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