Hello everybody! If you want to read a formal "biography" about me - then check out the "Bio" page! In the meantime - I just want to thank you for stopping by the site and listening! I wrote or co-wrote all the songs on this site. Some of these recordings are full-blown demos and some are just guitar/vocals or piano/vocals. I hope you enjoy 'em! If you want to contact me, just drop me an email at profd2@tx.rr.com! Have a great day and God bless!

Scott Sean White Biography

Scott Sean White, a native Texan, plays music full-time for a living and splits the rest of his time between Dallas and Nashville as a songwriter. His "day job" is keyboardist and manager for the Dallas party band - Professor D. The group, established in 1989, has been a prominent part of the local scene - averaging 250+ shows a year. Over that time, they have opened for national acts like Prince, Tina Turner, The Gap Band, Janet Jackson, KC and the Sunshine Band, and many others.

As for songwriting - well - that's a whole other story. While he has enjoyed some success in the R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap world with songs placed in major motion pictures like "Two For the Money" with Al Pacino, "The Hot Chick" with Rob Schneider and countless TV series and TV movies on MTV, HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS, A&E, and FX networks - his songwriting heart lies in country music. Growing up poor in a small town most of his childhood, his dysfunctional and colorful early years found an outlet in melody and verse. The older he got, the more he wanted to write songs that SAID SOMETHING. So in January 2004, he made his first trip to Nashville and has been traveling back and forth AT LEAST once or twice a month ever since. After about 18 months, several music publishers (Curb, Windswept, Diver Dann, Big Tractor) took an interest and began "helping" him by setting up appointments with established writers and pitching a few songs here and there. He signed a staff writing deal with Encore Entertainment in 2007. They got his songs put on "hold" for Rodney Atkins, Faith Hill, JoDee Messina, Ashley Gearing, Steve Holy, and Martina McBride. None of them were eventually recorded by those artists - but it was a good encouraging first step in the process. Then, these tough economic times - especially in the music industry - took its toll on Encore Entertainment and they went out of business in January 2008. But Scott continues his trips every month - writing and networking, pitching songs and playing shows. He has yet to find another publishing deal but draws on the support of his incredible wife, two teenage daughters, family and friends to continue his musical journey. Find out more about him by reading his blog "What's My Story" on his main Myspace page at www.myspace.com/scottseanwhite .

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