The Saint Narcissus Story

Saint Narcissus is the current stage name for Keith Wilson. Keith played and sang my heart out for many years with a band called Movies With Heroes. MWH toured the U.S. and even toured Europe and the U.K. twice. Nothing Here is Perfect, the band's last full-length, was released via an independent label called C.I. Records (Pink Spiders, August Burns Red, Sadaharu) in the U.S. and received glowing press including a four star review in Alternative Press which ended with this sentence:

"Incidentally, we see no reason MWH shouldn't be ruling Warped nation in a few years, unless U2 hires 'em to open first."

Others in the U.S. said things like:

"The songs are so well-written, it doesn't matter what genre of music you appreciate. The melodies are catchy, the harmonies are about as perfect as you can get. Co-vocalists Keith Wilson and Jeff Royer are, and this is not an exaggeration, two of the best in all of rock today."
-Impose Magazine

"Unbelievable. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys to quite possibly become the next Fall Out Boy."
-Entertainment World

"NOTHING HERE IS PERFECT is strong from start to finish, with amazing musicianship, rivaling anyone else who has ever played melodic rock and roll."
-Indie Vision Music

When the album was released in Europe on Milan's Rude Records (European home to releases by AFI, MXPX, Gogol Bordello) it was met with even more enthusiasm in many major rock and roll magazines accross Europe. Here are few (some akwardly translated) things that were said:

"Movies With Heroes has all the cards in place to achieve success. Within the mass confusion of releases that line the shelves in stores from month to month, they sparkle because of the absolute quality of their work. It would be a real sin for anyone to risk not taking notice."
-Metal Hammer

"Sincere and moving with hints of '80s stadium rock. ... All ten songs play like incredible hymns."
-XL Di Repubblica (Italy)

"Wonderful debut!"
-Stardust (Germany)

" "A record full of great indie-pop songs."
-Fuze (Germany)

"Fall Out Boy didn't do as well as them."
-Musix (Germany)

After returning from their second European tour supporting the release, several band members decided to move on, and co-founding writers Keith Wilson and Jeff Royer were left with a legacy, but no band. In the meantime, they have both decided to write music by themselves but with input and help from one another. So, Saint Narcissus is the Keith Wilson half of that partnership. Keith is currently assembling rough home demos which will then be transformed in the studio into the rock-opuses that earned Movies With Heroes so much acclaim.

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