Award winning music composer Rob Arnall produces custom media arrangements, scores , soundtracks and compositions of all styles, from backing tracks to full Orchestration. TV music, Film music, Advertisements, Corporate Video, Cartoons, Documentaries, Drama, Comedy, Web music themes, games and Foley / Sound effects.

Whether you are on a tight budget or have a multi million pound project we can provide the music solution to make it work. From a small scale studiocomposition production with samples , live and synthesised instrumentation to a fully featured composed orchestral arrangement played by top musicians, we can provide the resources for what you need. We also cater for music for small short films, corporate video sounds and presentaions in all styles , providing soundtracks and scores that can be musically ambient, progressive, comical, tense, action packed or otherwise.

Latest News

Rob Arnall awarded "Angel" award at Monaco Film festival 2006 for feature film by Ace Film starring Katrine De Candole
, Michael Angelis, Lee Boardman, Craig Charles, Kate Robbins, Brendan Mackey . Paul McCartney sends congratulations.


Born 1966, Learn piano at early age and went on to do performances throughout the Uk. Played in many bands and sessioned for artists such as Steve Winwood, Sting, Ruby Turner , Patobantan. Played various styles from classical to Bangra on the Bollywood Label.
Performs still with various bands including World Famous Bjorn Again.
Wrties for TV, and the media in general.

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