Hello there, I'm Richard Keller. I'm primarily a bassist, but I do play guitar, program drum machines, and meddle with synthesizers on occasion. In two weeks I will be working on my first solo album, entitled "Modular." At the moment I have tracks I wrote uploaded, as performed by my old band, The UBA. Soon there will be very new and different songs up on my page for your (hopeful) enjoyment!

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Modular is in full swing, have two tracks near full completion!

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Richard Keller has been writing and playing music since he was twelve years old. In the last two years he has written and performed on three EPs ("This Wolf-Rayet" w/The UBA, "Lead The Weak" w/Black Wax Midget, and "Brand New" w/The Ramonalisas) and is now working on his first official solo effort, the LP "Modular" which is due out towards the beginning of next year.

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