Redhooker is an ensemble consisting of violin, clarinet, electric guitar, and Rhodes. It plays broody music by Stephen Griesgraber. It is sometimes melancholy, sometimes agitated. It is rhythmically and contrapuntally simple but dense. It rewards repeated listenings. Use headphones.

Latest News

Sincerest thanks to all who have helped my pieces Animus and Twelve Times Goodbye reach the top 10. It means a lot to me that you've enjoyed the music.

I will be performing on Saturday, April 14th in New York City and will be premiering 3 new pieces not yet recorded (and thus not yet available on Broadjam). It is a private, invitation only event, but if anyone from Broadjam would like to attend, please email me and I will try to reserve you a ticket.

Best wishes to all of you!

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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