Sparkly, beguiling acoustic pop: it's her voice that will hit you first, before you are lulled by her poetry. Singer/songwriter Rebecca Worthley has developed a unique and innovative sound where strongly acoustic songs blend inventively with jazz, folk and rock genres. With a strong and soulful voice she searches the deep and the political, exploring such issues as consumerism, violence and modes of truth. Her songwriting is brave and seeking revolution through music that is at once both haunting and calming. One reviewer called her debut album, “one of the most poignant and wistfully beautiful albums I have heard for years.” It blends the haunting delicacy of Rebecca's voice with an originality of multi-textured soundscapes woven round acoustic guitars, cellos, and undulating drums. The centrepoint of the album are the lyrics. These aren't merely poetic, they are poetry with every phrase and image conjuring memories and moods in the listener.


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