Randy's Recording was built in 1985 for the purpose of providing professional recording to the working musician, at a price that a working musician could afford. In that true spirit of compassion for the struggling artist, Randy's Recording has made getting to the next level a real possibility for many who might otherwise have never gotten the opportunity to make their music available to the public. In the cover story "Madison Musical Legends" from the May 2001 issue of Madison Magazine, the venerable Rick Murphy says about Randy's Recording: "This is where Randy Green, a guitar and keyboard virtuoso in his own right, has helped countless area artists put their music in the grooves." Thanks Rick. The point of this brag being, what I try to do, and how I'm perceived are fairly similar. And that, in my mind, is success.

Latest News

Randys Recording featured in Mix Magazine, April 2010. See it online at http://digital-edition.mixonline.com/?iid=8144833c

Randy is now offering stage and studio performance lessons in voice, guitar, bass, and keys, as well as studio recording mixing, mastering, and production.

Randy's Recording includes full digital services or complete analog services. Or, you can choose to hybrid your project

Call 608-839-4154

Randy's Recording in MixMagazine

Mix Magazine Online, April 2010 features Randy's, Madison area's oldest living studio. photo

About the Studio

About the Studio - RANDY'S RECORDING
(MADISON, WI area)

This studio was built in 1985 for the purpose of providing professional recording to the working musician, at a price that a working musician could afford. In that true spirit of compassion for the struggling artist, Randy's Recording has made getting to the next level a real possibility for many who might otherwise have never gotten the opportunity to make their music available to the public.

In the cover story "Madison Musical Legends" from the May 2001 issue of Madison Magazine, the venerable Rick Murphy says about Randy's Recording: "This is where Randy Green, a guitar and keyboard virtuoso in his own right, has helped countless area artists put their music in the grooves." Thanks Rick. The point of this brag being, what I try to do, and how I'm perceived are fairly similar. And that, in my mind, is success.

People here in Madison, Wisconsin like to brag about what they don't do. For instance, "I don't do this?I don't eat that?I don't watch TV." You've probably heard it. So here goes. Here's what I don't do:

I don't promise you a record deal.
I don't do it for the money and it's not a tax write-off.
I don't try to get famous.
I don't pass judgement on your music, friends, preferences, food, beer, car, or instrument.
I don't capitalize on your dreams.
So what does that leave? Maybe the kind of place you could work in and feel good, make some good music, have a good time, sell some CDs, make some money - maybe make that album without the record company, finally. Or maybe just do that first album, or record that song you wrote that one time?

This studio is for the artist. For the artist in you. Not every studio is for everybody, and that's OK. But make sure you're recording where you can work comfortably, not where someone tells you to go.

I'm here because this is where I want to be, and I do what I do because I like it. And I hope you can say the same, or at least say you're headed in that direction.

This studio was bought with money made strictly from playing music, and expanded with money made by recording. By me. I know what you need. I know how to get it for you. Musically.

If you think this could be your kind of place to express your artistry, do something about it. And if you're looking for something to believe in, you can believe in me, or you can believe in the one thing that is absolutely risk-free because you know what it's going to do?and that would be-yourself.


Randy's Recording is an analog multi-track studio, with digital editing/mastering. See www.randysrecording.com for full details and photos.

In addition to the tuned control room, there are three large custom-built high-visibility sound rooms, a
comfortable lounge, office, and rest room, spanning 1425 square feet. There is ample off-street parking.

The CONTROL ROOM is 12' x 17' and is visible from all sound rooms. It has center seating (front, mid, and rear) and independent air conditioning.

The TURBO ROOM has no parallel surfaces. It is constructed of carpeted stone block and wood, and produces a deep, anechoic spatial sound under high sound pressure. The Turbo Room also houses a Kurzweil 88-key Mark 2 digital grand in wood console (records beautifully) and a 1955 Blonde Hammond M3 with142Rv Leslie circa 1966.

The NEUTRAL ROOM has a natural outdoors type of sound and houses a 1939 Kitt upright piano (see Turbo Room above for digital piano information).

The WOOD ROOM is all wood, including the floor. It sounds bright and sharp with a woody resonance.

The LOUNGE is private, independently heated and air conditioned, with a sink, refrigerator, microwave and television. It has a big window with a pleasant view.

The OFFICE is available for business conversations and private phone calls, and displays several hundred published recordings spanning more than 20 years.


MICROPHONES: I have 50 mics set up and ready to go at all times. These mics range in value from $200 to $700 each. Brands include:

* Audio Technica
* ElectroVoice
* Shure
* Equitech
* Sennhieser
* Studio Projects

ANALOGUE TRACKING/MIXING: I use a Tascam: M3500 dual 32 x 8 x 2 analog recording console with a matching MSR 24 1" 24 track (dbx) analog tape recorder, mixing to an Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive, one of two D40/30 DAT recorders, or to an Otari MX55 �¼" analog 2-track tape recorder.

* DELL 8300 Computer w/3.2 Ghz Pentium 4 Dual Core Processor, 4Gb RAM, MOTU 24 ch simultaneous i/o external ad/da 24/96 converters and internal soundcard, and a 2 ch 24/192 Audigy 2 sound dard

* SONY Software:
o Sound Forge 8.0 and 9.0 (Editing/Mastering)
o Vegas 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 (Multitrack, editing and mastering)
o DVD Architect 4.0
o Acid Pro 6.0 Loops
* STEINBERG Wave Lab 4.0 (Mastering)
* WAVES Gold, Platinum and Vintage Effects Bundles, also Izotope and Sony.

MONITORING: I monitor through JBL 4412 3-way 12" studio monitors, powered by a Hafler P505w amp.
There is also a TOA 6" 2-way and Auratone 3" one-way monitor system powered by a Harmon-Kardon Pm625 wideband amp.

* 17 multi-function compressors available from dbx, Symetrix, Valley People, and Ashly.
* 12 multi-effects units by ART, ADA, Delta Lab, DigiTech, Alesis
* 3 EQ units by Symetrix, DOD, and AKAI
* 3 enhancers by BBE, Aphex, and SPL
* 4 AudioLogic Gates

All of these units are quickly available through a 336-point �¼" patch bay and four 8-channel line mixers.

HEADPHONES: I run five independent headphone mixes through eight pairs of Koss Pro 4AA heavy duty phones, powered by Rane. There are also five pairs of Sennhieser lightweight open headphones.

* 1939 Kitt studio upright acoustic piano
* Kurzweil 88-key Mark 2 digital grand in wood console
* 1955 Blonde Hammond M3 with142Rv Leslie circa 1966

OTHER: There are other test sets, spectrum analyzers, 4-track reel-to-reels as well as eight dual-well cassette decks by Technics. CDs are mastered on an HHB CDR 800 and copied on a TDK copier.

Studio Equipment changes from time to time, but it always has to sound good to me. And that doesn't change.

Randy Green - Bio

I was born in Washington, DC, April 23, 1948 (a war baby). My father worked in Naval Intelligence, and my mother worked for the Secretary of Agriculture. She was the secretary to the Secretary's secretary. (Really.) She was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and he was from La Farge, Wisconsin. The family moved to La Farge after the war.

I graduated from La Farge High School in 1966 and moved to Madison, WI to get in a band. I enrolled at UW-Madison and graduated in 1971 with a B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology. Then I was free to be ignorant?.so I became a musician. Actually it started long before that. I had 12 years of piano lessons; six years of clarinet; four years of guitar; four years of Hammond, Vox, Farfisa, an Austin 59-Rank Pipe Organ; and two bands, by the time I was 20. To say I was doomed to be a musician would be more like it.

So I started playing in bands in 1966 and made my living that way until 1986. The Squires, Police Department, Universal Sound, Somersett I, Northern Lites, Somersett II, Sgt. Pepper, Masterpiece, Nobody, Magic, and as a Keyboard Soloist. Twenty years straight. Never had a job, as my mother would say. I started Randy's Recording in 1986 and now it's 2005, and I still have never had a job. Ah?but I shouldn't joke. The studio is tough, and playing is tough. But all it's ever cost me is my sanity.

That's a fair trade for a lifetime of music.


For some general musings on these topics and more, please see http://www.randysrecording.com -



You can see Randy perform on guitar and piano in backing band for TRACY JANE COMER on UPN14's "URBAN THEATER" show, recorded June 2005. Go to Tracy's profile and view the videos posted there!
http://www.broadjam.com/tracyjanecomer Also check out Randy, Tracy, and Michael Bryant on U Tube performing 'Home Movies', the 2008 MAMA's 'folk/americana song of the year'.


What some of Randy's clients have said:

"I recorded 'Dixie Highway' and my 'No Brakes' CDs; plus countless other tracks at Randy's recording and I can't think of a more comfortable and creative recording space. Add to that, Randy's capabilities as producer, engineer, counselor, shrink and friend and there is no better studio around."
- Robert J

"Randy has recorded and produced two full-length CDs for me, both of which earned nominations for BEST ACOUSTIC ALBUM by the Madison Area Music Awards. He also recorded/produced one EP and several other demos, and helped with mastering/editing some video projects. I've learned to listen closely to and trust his musical advice and guidance, because so far, always been right! He's also a great musicians and recorded instrumental parts for my album (guitar, piano, Hammond, electric bass) and contributed lyrics to some of the songs...he continues to amaze me with his versatility. I love every minute of my time in the studio and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else."
-Tracy Jane Comer

"Randy, I've always had a wonderful time recording with you at your fantastic studio! Keep on doin it!"
- John Masino

"I've recorded seven different CD projects at Randy's studio, everything from a Civil War-era gospel project to an operetta to several country music projects, and no matter what musical genre is involved, Randy brings an incredible sense of knowing what's good and what's true. He's a wise, wise man. He can make your best efforts sound better, and give you a few kernels of enlightenment to take home with you."
- Frank X. Sommers

"Randy, I want to thank you for all the advice and professionalism you brought to the studio.You always made it fun and productive.You also taught me a lot about the music business (not only recording) and for that I will only be able to advance futher in this cold but fair business. THANKS."
- Gary "Big Knowledge" Davis

"We recorded our CD, "Stories, Myths and Outright Lies" at Randy's Recording. We had a great experience, and Randy Green had a huge impact in making our CD the best it could have been. Thanks Randy!"
- Fred Decker, Big Johnson and the Thrusters

"My first recordings at your studio really played an integral part in me falling in love with the art and science of recording."
-Brad Pribbenow

Clients - A TO E

Sampling of clients, spanning more than 20 years ? A TO E:
A Dog From Every Town
Ace Novelty Company
James Adams
Adam Ahrens
Matt Ahrens
Jerry Alexander
Lewan Alexander
Grey C. Allen
Jackie Allen
Randy & Dan Allen
Allied Drive
Raj Alwa
The Amateurs
American Calliope Center
American Players Theatre
American Streets & Cafes
The And
Joe Anderson
John Anderson
Scott Anderson
Tim Angsten
Mark Anthon
Area Code 608
Asa Miura Productions
Audio for the Arts
AudioVisual Associates
Dave Auswegan
Jeff Aue
Axle Grease
Mary Baremore
Rolando Barientos
Dean Barker
Alex Barritt
Brad Bartell
Kieth Bartz
Jeff Bashaw
Therese Bauer
Linnus Bauhs
Mark Beauchane
Gary Beale
Jim Becker
Bill Beckman
Beefy's Beatle Jam
Beet EELs
Jamora Bell
Bensman Advertising
Nick Berg
John Berger
Mike Berman
Lou & Peter Berryman
Beyond Sound Productions
Big Indian
Big Johnson and the Thrusters
Big Time Records
Big World Records
Bite Down Productions
Paul Black
Black Star
Black Widow Records
Thomas Blain
Milton Blair, DDS
Sean Blake
Blooming Music
Blue Bazookas
Richard Blackshell
Bobby Bluel
Teresa Blum
Jackson Blumenthal
Boaz Band
Greg Boerner
Bev Boohr
Booney Tunes
Booze Pig
Mike Bornick
Andy Borst
Jeffrey Boutzen
Tom Bowser
Steve Boyer
Linda Boyle
Cathy Braaten
Steve Braun
Brian Brecklin
Jeff Brikowski
Bill Brinck
Holly Brook - Named Best Underage Artist in the 2004 MAMAs (Madison Area Music Awards)
Mark Brookstien
Justin Brown
Mary Brown
O?Brien Brumfield
Buffalo Trails
Wayne Bullesbach
Bobby Bullet
Betty Ann Bures
Rick Steelsburg
Bobby Burns
BW Music
Josh Calhoun
Darrell Campbell
James Eddie Campbell
William Caplinger
Dennis Carney
Carrot Girls
Wes Cash
Todd Casper
Dennis Cavney
Dave Chaimison
Bernard Chambers
Nichole Chapman
John Chiames
Lugene Chicks
Matt Christiansen
Karen Christy
Christy B. Band
Barbara Chusid
Ron Cimarolli
Circle Park
Fred Clark
Brent Clausen
Bill Clem
Brian Clevenger
Tom Coaty, Esq.
Dan Cochems
Graham Cody
Lawrence S. Cohen
Steve Cohen
Tracy Jane Comer - Nominated for Best Acoustic Album ("Second Wind") and Best Acoustic Artist in the 2004 MAMAs (Madison Area Music Awards); Nominated for Best Acoustic Album ("Quietly There") and Best Acoustic Artist (with group Sticky Fingers) in the 2005 MAMAs
Common Faces (The original)
Asa Miura, Mary Gaines, Chris Wagoner
Robert J. Conaway- nominated for Best Rhythm and Blues Album in the 2005 MAMAs (Madison Area Music Awards)
Jim Congdon
Anno Conner
John Connor
Cooksville Lutheran Church
Dana Coppa and Skooly
Corn Belt Records
Dave Cornell
Cow Girl Sweethearts
David Cox
Jack Cracker
Jay Craigs
Mike Crawford
The Crest - Double winner in 2004 MAMAs (Madison Area Music Awards): Best Hip Hop Artist and Best Hip Hop Album ("Binge Thinking")
Laurie Croasdale
Crown Connect
Ben Cruz
Louis Cruz
Kevin Curry
CW Express
Greg Daino
Steve DaLeo
Diane Dangerfield
Danger Heart
Danger Prone Daphne
Dark Secret
Gary Davis
Dan Davis
Matthew Davis
Robin Davis
Shari Davis
Shari Davis & The Coniptions
Jim Dawson
Denny Dean
Les Dean
Spencer Dean
The Decadents
Fred Decker
Deep Grooves
Lee DeRamus
Kevin Derus, MD
John & Mercedes Dewey
Pete Dobner
Chris Domenick
Bob Doyle
Dr. Bop and The Headliners
Drug Induced Nitemare #4
Durable Goods
Sparck Eagle
Easy B
Jim Eberle
Eric Eble
Mare Edstrom
Bill Edwards
Carol Edwards
Kim Ellis
Tony Endless
Dan Enemooh
John & Nancy Engberg
Rock Erickson
Dan J. Eumurian
Trevor Exter
EZ Pikin

Clients - F to L

Sampling of clients, spanning more than 20 years ? F TO L:

Falcon Eddies
Far Cry
Dawn Farris
Rich Farris
Fat Billy
Dan Faust
Steve Faye
Buster Fayte
Dave Feldeburge
Mary Lou Femrite
Johnathan B. Fiedler
The Field
Field Trip
Paul Fillipowicz (and the Madison All Stars Blues Band) - Named Best Blues Artist in the 2005 MAMAs (Madison Area Music Awards)
Bradley Fish
Ian Flanders
Flat Bridge Records
Marianne Flemming
Fogg Entertainment
The Font Le Roys
Foolish Pleasure
Fools Orchestra
Forbidden Planet
Kenn Fox
Fox Music
Fred and Ethel
Dave Freits
Daniel J. Fritts
Debra Lee Fritz
Laura Fuentes
Full Compass, Ltd.
Furious Jones
G.E.O. Group
Judy Ganser
Steve Ganser
Phil Garfinkel
Pat Garrett
Maurice Gavin
Larry Georges
Larry Georgeson
Doug Gill, Ph.D.
The Gills
Randy Glodowski
Shelly Glodowski
Ted Glover
Lynnea Godfriaux
Stan Godfriaux
Karen Gogolick
Tino Gonalez
Charles Goodwyn
Nancy Gottschlich
Glen Gourley, MD
Michele Graeber
Nelson Graham
Abe Green
Harold Green
Stella Green
John Greening
Helen Greening
Bill Griffith
Guava Dogs
Gungor Productions
Michael Haefner
Pat Haefner
Chris Hagany
Mark Haines
Dale Hall
Chuck Halverson
Mike Halverson
Dave Hanson
Jody Hanson
Dan Harr
Billy Harris
Michelle Harryman
Dan Hart
Tim Hasey
Chris Havey
Gloria Hays
Dan Heart
Joan Hebricke
Rob Hecimovich
Karen Hein
Ken Hein
Kelly Heiser
Guy Hemple
Marcel Henderson
Willie Henderson
Tyrone Henry
The Highlites
Jim Hill
Tracy Hill
Hill Prairie Singers
Hill-Mosely Productions
Hilltop Gospel Singers
Tom Hinca
Paul Hines
Allen Hipke
Mary J. Hjord
Chris Hollenback
Hooper & Laurie Music
Earl Hord
Al Hough
Pete Howe
Russ Howes
George Howland
Howling at the Moon
Doug Hurst
Ideal Bar
Les Infantes
Inner City Sasquatch
Inner Coaching
Jimm Insolia
Intel Agents
J.R. and the Rodeo Cats
Dan Jackson
John Jacobs
Jeremy Jacobsen
Karen Jacobson
Ed Janus
Marge Jarrells
Beverly Jean
Jim May & The Accelerators
Bruce Johnson
Frankie Johnson
Jake Johnson
Karen Johnson
Kim Johnson
Terry Johnson
Jack Jollif
Jonathan W. Little Productions
D.S. Jukin
Val Kaine
Dan Kaiser
Patrik Kaveney
The Keatons
Kelly Joe Keaton
Brian Kell
Phil Kellman
Phil Kellman Group
Kenn Fox Band
Meaghan Kennedy
Megan Kennedy
Robert Kennison
KG and the Ranger
Kim & Him
King?s Wrath
Craig Kinney
Laura Klahn
Brian Klemke
Jim Klemke
Dr. Roger Klien
Nancy Klien
Ivan Klipstien
Ken Kloes
Dale Klubertanz
Kenny Koeppler
Pete Kohl
Doug Kohls
Dean Kong
George Koury
Rick Kraus
Candace Krietlow
Brendon Krueger
Cress L?sai
Lake Beats Publishing
Mike Lakritz
Laurie Lang
Tom Langeloeh
Paul Lanser
Andy Larson
Last Crack (The Original)
Phil Buerstatte, Paul Schluter, Craig Rank-Buddo, Donnie Bakken, Todd Winger
Jonas Lawrence
Lori Lee
Paul Lee
Cathy Leef
Chuck LeMonds
John Leonard
Jack LeTourneau
Reed Lilly
Randy Lincoln
Lincoln County Regulators
Lindsay, Stone, & Briggs Advertising
Jim Linton
Little Audry and The Storm
Michael London
Lonely Child
Tim Lostetter-Jamaica
Low Down
Evan Lucas
Ludington Guard Band
Cliff Lueck
Jason Lueck
Howard Lueuke
Jim Lutz

Clients - M to R

Sampling of clients, spanning more than 20 years ? M TO R:

The M & Ms
Madison Repertoire Theatre
Madison Scottish Rite
Rachell Maere
Makes Entertainment
Scott Maness
Cynthia Manthey
Merrit Mapp
Marcus Bovre & The Evil Twins
Marcy and The Highlights
Marcy Marks
Jan Martinet
Bowen Marvik
John Masino
Keith and Gail Massey
Mike Massey
Fred Matt
Sumner Matteson
Arvid Mattheson
Sarah Mattson
Maximum Ink
Jina May
May Band
Myron Mayhem
Marc McDowell
Victor McDuffy
McFarland High School
John McGlynn
Nat McIntosh
Rick McLaughlin
Steve Medall
Doug Meihsner
Steve Meuski
Michael Black and Tan
Teri Michaels
Middle Pillar
Mark Middlestadt
Mighty Aces
Ray Miller
Miller Brothers
Blake Minnerly
Model Citizen
Jessica Montague
Montego Records
Moon Gypsies
Angela Moore
Jeremy Moore
Paul & Phil Morrison
Paul Moshay
Fred Mosley
Juan Mosley
Mountain Dulcimer Songbook
Dan Mueller
Pat Murphy
Sean Murphy
Naked Aggression
Narada Records
NAVAN - Winner in the 2005 MAMAs for Best Ensemble Vocals
Dave Nelson
Eric Nelson
Laurie Ellen Neustadt
New Lost Generation
Aaron Newman
Charles L. Nichols
John Nicholson
Nikolai K.
Nite Fire
Clare Norelle
Steve Norfleet
Not Yet
The Notables
Dread Knot O?Brien
Old Hickory
Mark Olivas
Dennis Oliver
Randy Olson
Russ Olson
Mark & Anne Olsson
Rose Onama
One Lard Biskit
The Ones
Jeff Onsrude
Orange Blossom Special
Dave Osmalov
Mike Osmalov
Steve Ostwald
Otis & The Alligators
Out of the Blue
Out of the West
Grady Owens
Meaghan Owens
Buddy Oz
Steve Page
Terry Pankow
Paradigm Productions
Mark & Linda Parascandola
Jeff Parish
Sam Parker
Steve Parris
Kirsten Patches
Paul Black & The Flip Kings
Dave & Mike Payne
Susan Payne
Tom Pease
Pease Blossom Music
Tina Peckham
Dave Pederson
Josh & Adam Pelleter
Tony Pelletter
Gina Beth Pellman
Tim Pennington
Paul Perrone
Mary Petrovitz
Jim Pharris
Scott Phillips
Pickled Corpse Squad
Autumn Pincus
Plain Brown Wrapper
Ann Plata
Chris Plata
Playin? Folk
Poker Face
Willy Porter
Dave Potter
Potters Marauders
Powder Monkey
Bill Powell
Jim Powell
Chris Powers
Precious Noise
Brad Pregeant
Brad Pribbenow
Dave Prohaska
Jim Purtell
QI Publishing
Rachelle and the Red Hott Rattlers
Rad Productions
Raging Grace
Random Oak
Rapscallion (The Original)
Todd Schwenn, Gary Keiley, Jamie Poster, Randy Landphier, Eric Hanson
Phil Rathke
Recovery Project
Ida Red
Red Decibel Records
Dana Reeder
Dave Remits
Tim Reppa
Tim Resudek
Reverend Dippermouth
Kit Reuter-Foss
Chris Rewey
Rhythm Temple
Lorraine Rice
Mike Riegel
Aaurore Rien
Tyson Riple
Jim Ripp & Rana
Rising Gael
Rita & The Reptiles
Eddy Rivers
Road Runner Records
Steve Roberts
Rock River Revival
Rock Talent
Rocket Recording
Corinne Rockow
Michael Roeschlein
Roll ?n Rock
The Rolls
Rick Roltgen
Eric Rorvig
Plaid Rose
Tony Rose
Gill Rosenberg
Naomi Rothblatt
Enrique Rueda
Nancy Ruggeri
Carroll Rund, MD
Steve Rush

Clients - S TO Z

Sampling of clients, spanning more than 20 years ? S TO Z:

Lance Sabin
Kathy Sachijen
Ashraf Sadek
Lori Sandy
Savage Myth
Scarlet Winter
Linda Schank
Art Paul Schlosser
Jim Schluter
Gary Schmidt
Mark Schmidtz
Dave Schniederman
Marcy Schultz
Mark Schultz
Mike Schultz
Science Hill Records
Donald E. Sclartz
Craig Scott
Anna Lee Scully
Sea Grave
Steve Sexauer
Shakedown Blues Band
Jamie Shiman
Shrunken Heads
Steve Sieliger
Tracey Sievers
Carroll Sigler
Fred Simon
Terri Sipple
Sir Death
Dave Skogan
Sleepless Nights Studio
Smash Palace
Josh Smith
Scott Smith
Something Real Productions
C.J. Sommerfield
Frank Sommers
Sons of Light
South Bound
Southwind Records
Andy Spafford
Spahn Wholesale Liquor
Special Reserve
Spiritone Records
Split Ends
Deborah Spoerl
Maureen St. Germain
Steven St. James
Michael St. John
Andrea Stader
Dick Stalheim
Frank Staniszewski
Leotha Stanley
Francis Stanton
Stark Realty
Fred Starner
Mark Stauffer
Kevin Stehman
Sticky Fingers
Francis Stiendorf
Stink Fish
Bill Stocker
Jay Stola
Dave Stoler
Travis Storch
Richard Storch International
Stuart Stotts
Strange Luck
Beaux Strat
Clyde Stubblefield - Winner-Lifetime Achievement Award, 2004 MAMAs (Madison Area Music Awards)
Studio Strings
Craig Stuke
Subliminal Overtones
Phil Suchomel
Rob Sumerbel
Joe Sunn
Surrender to Youth
Surviving You Always
Brian Sutter
Craig Sutter
Kaye Swanson
Switchcraft Alley
Vicki & Lauren Szewczyk
T & L Entertainment
Eileen Takahachi
Doug Tangwall
The Tantrums
Technology Business Group
Telephone & Data Systems
Scott Thies
Third Rail
Corey Thomas
George Thomas
Thunder Ridge
Tomorrow River Records
Tones for Jones Bones
The Top Cats
Top Notch
Cubby Tracey
Jeff Trickle
Triple Shot
Rick Tvedt
Tune Weavers
Twice the Wood
Twist of Fate
2 O?Clock Tomorrow
Uncle Light
Unconventional Talent
Jon Urban
Utica Baptist Church
Brad Van KauwenBergh
Jerry Van Meter
John Van Wie
Seth Van Wie
Cheng Vang
Chong Vang
Deanna Varagona
Doug & Dave Varana
Verona High School Jazz Chorus
Iggy Rae Vicious
Vicious Cycle
Mike Virus
The Visitors
Voice of Concern
Voltage Unit
Ua Vue
Bruno Vue
Brian Waddell
Diane Walder
Katie Waldren
Roy Waldren
Jesse Walker
Jim Walktendonk
Kirk Wall
Wayne Ward
Wayne Ward
Graham Webster
Tim Wedward
Mike Welch
Mike Wells
Bob Westfall
Bob Westfall Quartet
Wet Floor
Whiskey Prophet
Lisa White
Mike White
Who Dunnit?
Michael Widmer
Van Wie
Wild Rice
Wild Weekend
Wild Wings
Jack Williams
Maria B. Williams
Mike Williams
Pat Williams
Willie Wilson
Jake Wisely
Dan Witt
Dave Witter
Beth Wortzel
Chua Blai Xiong
Da Xiong
Chue Yang
Phia Yang
Leviticus W. Young
M. Scott Young
Youngblood Brass Band
Frank Zaruba
Shane Zaruba
Jim Zerbel
Jim Ziebarth
Bob Ziere
Zillman Advertising
Brenda Zimmerman
Zircon Boogy Monster
ZZ Bottom


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