This site centers around my solo CD - Around Every Corner. Ten songs are listed above. There are 3 others. Visit the 'Album' page, then 'Info' to view all.

The first half of the CD is largely acoustic oriented. The second half, and particularly the last few songs are electric.


I grew up amidst the rock music of the 70s, watching it evolve and evolving with it. My CD represents some of that and its effect on my songwriting. I wrote these songs to reflect a time, or place in my life, or one imagined.

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I've moved back to the Evergreen State. And how could it not be with the summer we're having! A new job in Auburn and a home in Maple Valley are suiting us well so far. I'm looking forward to spending some time in my new music room.

Biography of Randy Jacobson

Randy began playing professionally and semi-professionally at the age of 16. He's been part of a broad spectrum of groups and projects and has shared the stage with groups as diverse as Robert Palmer, the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Grover Washington Jr., Johnny Rivers (Secret Agent Man, Slow Dancing), and the Pure Prairie League. Bass guitar was his main instrument through most of this time, but guitar, singing, piano and songwriting have always been a 'part of life'.

While forming a band of his own has been illusive, technology - digital recording and virtual instruments - have been the catalyst for producing this project.

Randy maintains a full time job and is a husband and a father to two girls and a boy in San Rafael, CA.

Around Every Corner - Randy Jacobson 2007
Overplay - E-klek-shun - 2007
Harmonies For Peace - Benefit CD supporting Marin Abused Women's Service
Fleeting Moments - Fleeting Moments - 1991
Penalty Phase - Scott Lindenmuth Group - 1992
Changing Rhythm - Scott Lindenmuth Group - 1987
Another Side, Another Time - Scott Lindenmuth Group - 1983


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