The Pluto Deception is a Switzerland-based Project focused in songwriting and marketing.

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the pluto deception is looking for opportunities and jobs for tv or movie placements (rock, poprock & alternative)

The needle in the haystack

Singer-songwriter Philippe Chappuis tiredlessly works on new tunes, mostly for his indieband linus.maybe - "but there is such a lot of of output that will never make it to our playlist", he explains, "and burying those songs would mean throwing the baby out with the bath". So this is where his project "The Pluto Deception" comes into play. It is also the place where Philippe writes songs that must match certain requirements. "I discovered this field when I took part in a song contest where bands had to write a song about energy. And I found it absolutely challenging and decided to pursue this track".
The pluto deception's sound is one one hand influenced by singer-songwriter stuff like William Fitzsimmons and from bands that combine modern rock with yesterdays sounds like Toy Horses. "But I also like to search the internet for new music, although it's sometimes hard to find the needle in the haystack. Still, there's a couple of good sites that reward you."


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It's Switzerland-born singer, guitarist and pianist Philippe Chappuis who is behind The Pluto Deception (TPD). TPD originated as a side project from Phil's band linus.maybe who plays punk pop in a merely laidback version from Greenday. However, as Phil's songwriting output is quite huge and not all the songs fit into the band's sound scheme, that's when The Pluto Deception came into life.

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