This is the end result of a 30-year-journey of observation and training. Of adolescent ears catching the seductive melodies, harmonies and rhythms of the LATIN race making an artist out of a young man dreaming of creating, composing, and becoming a performer.
Through FAITH, the inspiration given by OUR LORD AND GOD, JESUS OF NAZARETH, his path was lightened and became clear.
Moved by the music of Tulio Enrique León, Damirón, Xavier Cugat, Ángel Viloria, Barbarito Diez, Javier Solís, Bobi Capo, José Luís Monero, Billo Frómeta, Los Melódicos, Víctor Piñero, Leo Marini, and Nelson Pinedo, etc. he learned how melodies and rhythms surge.
He learned to play instruments and apply systems; to shape his wellspring and record and execute its fruits--to reach utopia: to become a composer, editor and performer, giving birth to Caribbean Sweet: rhythmic and melodical Hot Calypsos, Merengues, Cha cha cha, and other seductive creations to sing, dance, dream or express devotion.

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Born in Caracas, Venezuela, autodidact.

From an early age, José Enrique gravitated to musical performance on string instruments, among which the main ones are the Cuatro and the Guitar.

Very soon, however, he expanded his pursuit to a field of greater resources, such as musical creation using computers and digital systems, synthesizers, and keyboards, thus molding that passionate, romantic, joyous and seductive spirit which is locked in his work.

To reach maximum artistic expression, he studied voice with masters Carlos Almenar Otero, the Venezuelan tenor, and Félix Formental.

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