A live hip hop band that sounds like hip hop. This isn't a jam band with emcees - its carefully constructed rap music from hip hop heads.


As a hip hop band, Philadelphia Slick feels obligated to keep their ears tuned into everything. They cherish rap music because of its ability to cut across styles, tying differences together with drum loops, bass lines, and poetry. Funk, Soul, and Jazz were starting points, but the group has since branched out to incorporate classical, tango, techno, and other genres into their music. What results is a sound that is "both retro and futuristic in equal doses" according to Under the Radar. Selecting from a healthy roster of diverse musicians, Philly Slick's shows resonate with hip hop heads as well as anyone who is a fan of good music. At times a tight trio, at times a sprawling orchestral-like twelve piece, Slick is able to rock venues from small bars to large theatres with a consistently energetic and diverse sound.

Lead by emcee Noesis, Philadelphia Slick is truly distinct from the rest of the live hip hop scene. Wonka Vision observes, "Noesis likes to concoct rhymes that don't just center around blind insults and rampant ego strokes." After three years the group still doesn't feature a guitar; Slick's drummer doesn't use toms except to hold set lists or samplers. The band's uniqueness has proved fruitful -this year they've been featured on NBC's DigPhilly program twice as well as on Comcast OnDemand. In 2007, the band won the Philadelphia Sound Clash and was named Best Local Band by Philadelphia's Citypaper readers. Philly Slick's debut album Culture Industry has received critical acclaim from national media outlets like Okayplayer, Under the Radar, and Wonka Vision Magazine.

Having rocked top venues in their hometown, Philly Slick isn't content with being merely a local success. The band often crosses into New York City to throw their own shows, and has been courted by many colleges: from Temple, Rutgers, and the University of Penn to Earlham, Iona, and Rosemont. Slick has opened for national acts like Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Juggaknots, and Reef the Lost Cauze. The group is currently at work on their second LP (Oil) to be released in early 2009. Culture Industry is available at most digital outlets and at the band's website: Philadelphiaslick.com.


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