Paul is a singer/songwriter/guitarist currently performing his own songs and cover versions in the UK , looking for a publishing deal to finance quality productions of all his songs with session musicians.
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Reviews:- MUSICIAN MAGAZINE: A combination of acoustic ballads in Gerry Rafferty mode plus straightforward rock cuts, expertly mixed, act as an excellent introduction to Paul's melodic style.
BBC RADIO'S Bernard Wrigley: The songs on the CD are growers. I've listened to it 4 times now, and am liking it more and more! SOUND ON SOUND MAGAZINE: Beautiful ballads written by this talented songwriter from Stockport. Put together and recorded extremely tastfully, and as a consequence Paul's won "CD Of The Month".

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Paul was Runner-up in Song Of The Year contest 2007

Also Semi Finalist in The 2007 UK Songwriting Competition .

And previously Runner-up in 2005 UK Songwriting Competition .


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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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