Now, time has come for the release of my 11th music record ! Its name : "Still Alive", by ALPHONSE McDonald.You'll find nine songs on it, in the same vein of the previous ones : reggae in all sauces and zouk.Music that you can listen from the comfortable silence of your sitting-room! Many video clips have been shot.
//Various rythms, but also, the "jump-up" representative rythm of Dominica island, and "funk/ R&b, pop and reggae.
One by one, the percentage of such rythms on our Cd's, reflect our leanings towards such kind of music, different from the one of our area.Some of our fans say that, it would be good to perform abroad.
In Guadeloupe, it's difficult for the unsigned artists to get through.
In the same way, like a punition, it's quite impossible to get heavy rotation on top radio, only the small FM country-radios and TV help us.We play holyday village contest, fun fairs.We need to break the gates, cause, local radio directors are always fighting against us.

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Yeah, hello again, we are back and this time with a collaboration between singers of Europe and us living in the French Caribbean. We announce the release of SWEET LOVE with flavours from the Caribbean and particularly "CANDLE LIGHT DINNER". From French Caribbean island, how would you consider the song CLD ? It is meant to be listened to for enjoyment rather than as background sound

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How can a person, deny elements of the culture of his country ?
Some people are experiencing in a wrong way, the fact that history led them to get a dual education, represented for instance, by two countries and due to the fact, that one of these is a powerful nation, imposing his way of thinking, they follow the trend.
In Guadeloupe, they refuse to listen "gwo-ka" our folk music, believing that it will belittle them, being boastful at the same time of R&b, jazz, etc...On the same way, they appear contemptuous about musical groups like ours, because we are unknown, so our work is of no value ! I was born in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe Caribbean, on October the 14th 1954.At age of 6, my mother provided me with a music teacher, a pianist.How it was difficult to learn how to write the scores and read the notes !But, I learnt music and its code.By the time, I grew up and met some of my parents who wee considered as music stars, and noting some music skills in me, they encourage me to play local music.I created my first group MELODY who released two LP records for one of my pupil Jocelyne LABYLLE.My second group ANFAZ was gathering students of university of Guadeloupe, and we recorded two Cds, with a hit "Mélo".producers who wanted to grab the female singer led the group to break up.
At least, I constitued the "Patchwork-group" on the idea that we are members of a mixed racial and cultural society, so that it can be reflected on our music, on an unique Cd offering various rythms...(to be continued !)

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