Boulder, Colorado-based singer/songwriter Pamela Machala ("MOCK-uh-luh") calls her latest full-length album Something Simple. It's a coming of age story of truth and clarity that has one foot in the lyric-focused Laurel Canyon tradition and the other foot tapping the grooves of Motown and R&B. Of the title track, Pamela says: "I call it my relationship prayer. Not in the sense of praying for a new relationship, but an anchor to remind myself of how I want to treat other people, and specifically a partner. It's nice to have a reminder of what we realistically can and cannot do for others. You can't make someone else happy. But you can tell them a joke and make them laugh. And sometimes those little things mean a lot. I wrote that song with the intention of singing it to my future husband on our wedding day, and I did just that last September." Pamela's songs would fit comfortably on a playlist with Sara Bareilles, Carole King, Lake Street Dive, and Vulfpeck.

Sounds Like: Sara Bareilles, Carole King

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The songs on Pamela's new album Something Simple, now available on all platforms, have already earned her some accolades. American Songwriter awarded her an Honorable Mention for her song "Cardboard Cutout", and her song "Bleeding Me Dry" received the Grand Prize in the 2019 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition. Tony Zotta, President of SongDoor, says, "Pamela's song was a runaway winner...It's the largest margin for a winning song we've ever had."
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