Organiq Music is a collective of Composers, Producers & Musicians.

Known for their fast, reliable and cutting edge approach to soundtrack composition and audio design, they have tackled with success a massive range of projects. Prime time television soundtracks, ads and number one albums. (see news & credits)

If you need a fresh and unique soundbed, a bespoke production or a high end advertising piece.. Organiq Music could deliver this for you quickly. Call the studios to discuss your project now.

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Recent news :
BBC 1 : Animal 24/7, BBC 2 : Adams guide to the Cosmos, History Channel : the real Dick Turpin, Discovery Channel : Tigers Attack, C4 : Macintyre's Big Sting, ITV 1 : Volvo Ocean race, Sugababes : Red Dress

Credits & Discography :


Yorkshire Ripper : The Hoaxer

The Real Dick Turpin
History Channel

Tiger’s Attack
Discovery Channel

Getting Away With Murder

Animal 24/7

Adams Guide To The cosmos

My Mums Used To Be Men

MacIntyre’s Big Sting
Ch 5

Real Story : Death of a Policeman

Priest Idol
Ch 4

Hypercondriacs - Health Anxiety
Ch 4

Children Of The Miners’ Strike

The Boy They Call Chucky

Great British Islam
Ch 4

Murder in Paradise
Ch 4

Also featured in : Hollyoaks, Eastenders, Strictly confidential, Shipwrecked, One life, A place in the sun, the Football show etc etc..


Sugababes 'Overload'
Island/Universal 2006

Sugababes 'Taller in more ways'
Island/Universal 2005

Mania 'Looking for a place'
BMG 2004

Sugababes 'Three'
Island 2003

Jason Downs 'The Spin '
Jive 2003

Sugababes 'Angels with dirty faces'
Island 2002

Lovebabies 'Explore'
V2 1997

The Blue Aeroplanes 'Life Model'
Beggars Banquet 1994

The Blue Aeroplanes 'Rough Music '
Beggars Banquet 1995

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