Thank you all so much for the support. We're all really excited that our songs have resonated so well with you! We started this band in high school and now at age 24, we're living proof that five kids from NYC can take a dream and make it a reality.

We are poised to explode in 2009 and we dedicate this amazing ride to our fans. You're our inspiration and as long as you keep listening, we'll keep playing!


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Our next album will give a little something to all natures and temperaments so get ready for the new wave.
Best of luck to fellow musicians and safe travels in the journey of song and entertainment.
-Open Till Midnight


This fraternity of five brothers has a unique style of acoustic rock that has caught the attention of many college crowds and the New York music scene. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Ben Harper and a hipper Tom Petty.

The band effortlessly incorporates a few genres, namely hip-hop and acoustic rock, for a distinct flavor all their own.

Currently, OTM is writing material for a record expected Summer 09'.


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Clean Clean

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