NO RECESS. Tampa Bay's Bad Boys of Indie Post-Grunge. Guitars swinging, keyboards flying, and drums exploding are just a few reasons to keep your eyes glued to the stage. NR have spent the past year performing up the east coast from Tampa to NYC, and all the way out to the west coast in Los Angeles. NO RECESS released the self-titled debut CD featuring 10 tracks of pure rock under Bad Cat Media & Entertainment on Nov. 4th 2006. "Reading between the lines" is the first single from the album. It's pulse pounding drums and fully driven chorus remind us that grunge still rocks! Currently NO RECESS is writing new material for the sophmore release and will be in the studio in March.

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The Story

Formed from the ashes of Bad Cat in 2005, Tommy Cornillow and Marcel Tirado recruited keyboardist/singer Matt McNeel to form NO RECESS, a band that has rapidly become THE live rock show from Tampa Bay!

Who would have thought an acoustic guitar and keyboards could join together to make aggressive modern indie rock? The morose piano opening of "Tango" melds with a staccato acoustic riff and builds into a new rage against the traffic anthem that ends even sadder and prettier than it began. "Time Well Spent" snakes into your speakers with a meandering bottom end that channels the spirit of early funky Nirvana bass lines, then crashes beautifully into classic power-trio balls-out rock. The entire NO RECESS set list proves that 21st Century rock & roll can be equally intelligent and unique and not tied to any strict punk, rock or metal formula. "Our music is heat and energy. The music really just takes me over and makes me move," keyboardist Matt McNeel says. "I get so into it that it is really just a blur. I love music... I'd play music all the time if I could. I'd do it in the shower, when I eat, when I sleep, when I'm having a cigarette."

It doesn't matter if you like your lyrics straight-up simple or stream-of-consciousness and mysterious, you get it all in Marcel Tirado. Youthful angst and Solomon-like wisdom combine with a super-aggressive live show to make the powerful words and "in your face" music of NO RECESS a fiendish joy to witness. Tirado likes it that some of his lyrics in NO RECESS aren't always what they seem: "At times, the lyrics are straightforward and then we have other songs that will make you think. Sometimes I see a double meaning after going over the lyrics and see what my subconscious was actually thinking."

When NO RECESS takes the stage, you know you're going to get a great rock show. Fan-favorite "Combat" reminds listeners of the video game theme from Mortal Kombat, with the power-ballad "Falling Out" highlighting the poignant deterioration of friendships. The first single from the debut CD, "Reading Between the Lines" rolls out with a lumbering bass and drum thump and explodes into an honest, searing view of societal deception. More event than concert, their musical power explodes by 10-fold on stage. It may be the energy of seeing people who "get it", or it could be that NO RECESS is running rampant on. You never know what to expect, says drummer Tommy Cornillow: "I just love that feeling when a song comes together. People hear it live and go off. It's orgasmic! Playing live - nothing beats it!"

NO RECESS. It's how rock was meant to be. Exciting and unpredictably fun, intense, offensive, rude, honest and to the point.


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