The man that is Mr. Doc is a collection of various entities, all culminating into a crescendo of musical explorations. To say Mr. Doc is hip hop would be wrong. Or to call Doc a House man would be only partly right, but wrong nonetheless. To call him a jazz musician would also be wrong. Funk, same thing. Doc will tell you in a second, "I am what I feel that day". What sets Mr. Doc apart from the majority of producer/composers is that he can do many genres of music and not only do them but do them well.

Who is Mr. Doc

Dj Mr. Doc's musical environment that has been influenced not only by people but location. Mr. Doc, or Aaron Spence was born into a musical household in the city of Boston. His father, a jazz record collector, and his mother, a vocalist, always made sure that there was music playing in the house. The musical styles ranged from gospel to jazz to R&B. One of Doc's favorite artists is Quincy Jones, also his father's favorite. The song Killer Joe was embedded into his soul from an early age. Doc also has plenty of people in his family that are very much in the music world. Jay Waxx Garfield, the producer of such artists like GZA of the Wu tang Clan fame, Lil Kim, Black Rob, The Lox, to name a few. This is Doc's cousin and probably where the ear for hip hop has come from.
Early in his teenage years Doc and his family moved to Detroit. There the whole music environment changed the idea of music in Doc's world. Musically Doc had taken classical piano lessons in the conservatory of one of the Universities in Boston. When in Detroit and going to middle school he caught interest in the Saxophone. Thus came the bulk of Doc's musical training. Doc toured the US with a Woodwind quartet for two years and was able to grasp many different styles while playing both the alto and baritone saxophone. After high school Doc attended a university where he was exposed to the DJ culture. Just paying attention to the technique and practicing whenever possible, Doc was able to take over for the graduating main Fraternity DJ. Doc took hold and threw parties over the course of his college. Doc performed parties in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Alabama, Ohio, New York and Massachusetts. This allowed Doc to test different styles of music as well as learn crowd control, for as we all know, college crowds are the most fickle. During one of the summer breaks Doc had a chance meeting. He was checking out this record store that was in the neighborhood that his parents lived in called Street Corner Records. While just looking around at the jazz records along with the hip hop, he had a question and out comes one of the guys that worked there. He was able to answer Doc's question and showed him some underground hip hop that Doc never heard. From that day forward, every week Doc spent the afternoon of record shopping day talking to this DJ who's name is DJ Houseshoes. Houseshoes and Doc became friends and took on several DJing gigs all over Detroit. Doc was introduced to the underground of Detroit. One of the people that vastly influenced his life along with Houseshoes was the producer named Jay Dee. There were several times that he was able to go to the basement studio of Jay Dee's, that at the time resided in the lower level of his mother's house and just witness this masters technique of beat making. This inspired Doc more than any other event in his life.
After college Doc decided to move to Chicago. While in Chicago Doc was able to acquire several club gigs where he was focused on the dance scene. Along with djing Doc had also started making his own music. He got his first Akai MPC and would spend nights formulating his sound. This sound would carry on into all genres and would be the catalyst into the musical world of Doc.Doc spent the next 3 years djing at several prominent Chicago House clubs in the real Chicago House Scene. Thru these connections, Doc was able to create a name for himself in the Chicago and Detroit scene on both the Hip Hop and House level.
The man that is Mr. Doc is a collection of various entities, all culminating into a crescendo of musical explorations. To say Mr. Doc is hip hop would be wrong. Or to call Doc a House man would be only partly right, but wrong nonetheless.
Doc is looking for projects that keep him growing as a composer, song writer, and producer.


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Frank Farbehind
over 30 days ago to Mr. Doc

Thanks Mr. Doc for the encouraging review. I listened to your stuff also and really like everything, but especially "Enormous"

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