An architect with audio for almost 15 years, Mike Genato is now a key component in many projects spanning a wide range of musical styles. Whether it's as one-half of world-reknowned drum & bass collective Mathematics, producer for up-and-coming urban artists such as Peter Hadar, delving into nu-jazz/broken beat tones with HandinHand, or composing for picture, Mike ties all these together with his signature blend of deep frequencies and gritty textures.

Mike Genato Music is the publishing entity spanning across his various artist projects and aliases. Including:

Mike Genato Compositions
Mike G: aka The G:Neus urban music productions
HandinHand - A Broken-Beat / Nu-Jazz collective
Mathematics - World-reknowned Drum & bass production duo
G13 - Solo Electronic artist project

Artists remixed/produced/producing for include:
Peter Hadar
Carl Thomas
NuSpirit Helsinki


Over the years, Mike developed an intricately layered, soulful sound incorporating all his influences from Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, and Miles Davis, to Kevin Saunderson and Masters at Work, to Rick Ruben and Timbaland, to Photek and Jonny L. By combining the musicality and feel of classic soul with the frequencies of electronic music, Mike invented a dancefloor-oriented style which is both rugged and sexy at the same time. This sound not only has propelled him through Drum & Bass, but also taken him to new directions in R&B, Hip Hop, and House music.

Mike Genato was born in 1978 forty-five minutes east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the age of 10, he began creating loops by splicing together instrumental parts of songs with a cassette deck. A few years later, he got hold of an old MOD tracker for his PC and delved into the art of sample editing and sequencing. Using archaic music software, Mike was able to land his first composing job in 1993 creating tracks for video game company COGnition Development Team. The next few years were spent learning the craft of engineering. In 1996, Mike made the move from small-town PA to the largest media market in the world in New York City. Thats where he met DJ's Blueline and Roy Dank and formed the drum & bass collective known as Mathematics. His sound then started on its journey visiting dance-clubs all around the globe.

In just a few years, the collective has seen records released on a slew of UK and American labels (Hospital, Defunked, Renegade, CIA, and Breakbeat Science to name a few), produced remixes for artists such as NuSpirit Helsinki, Ils, Chris Su, and AK1200, and have DJ'd from here down to Venezuela, and all through Europe. Now Mathematics releases music on its own record label called Social Studies and also collaborates with European-based producers Tactile and Mijatoho. Their tracks have also been featured in other media markets such as on MTV's The Real World, Road Rules, and Challenge episodes, as well as Global Software/Rockstar Games' PS2 and XBOX title, Outlaw Tennis.

Now expanding on what was started with Mathematics, Mike is branching out and putting his spin on other genres such as R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, and Nu-Jazz. As a producer, he teams up with songwriter and soul artist Peter Hadar to write songs for platinum-selling R&B artist Carl Thomas, Joe, and also Dwele, to name a few. His hip hop tracks garnered the interest of G-Unit, Lil' Flip, and Outsiders Entertainment. As a composer and sound designer, Mike put music to many advertisements for high-profile clients such as NIKE, MTV, SpikeTV, Ford, Comedy Central, Liz Claiborne, and Wolverine Apparel. He also had a hand in a few short films and trailers, and is continuing to work heavily in commercial television, film, and video game industries.

But it's in Mike's underground music where he really shines through. He is currently wrapping up the debut album, entitled Memories of the Heart, by songwriting partner Peter Hadar, which already has received love on various radio shows from Brazil to the UK, as well as on satellite radio and Music Choice. On the up-tempo vibe, HandinHand is a 'nu-jazz' project he started with Katy Walker (aka Firewheel), which serves up house-tempoed, broken-beat tracks for DJ's such as Giles Peterson, Bugz in the Attic, and Jazzanova, all throughout Europe.

With all these seperate projects now going at full speed, Mike Genato's bright future looks to be very busy. The upcoming year will also see the release of a compilation he is putting together showcasing his tracks with various Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul artists. And commercially, Mike is constantly looking for more creative projects for which to provide his sound. Whatever it is that Mike decides to delve into, you can be sure to hear his signature soulful blend of thumping sub-frequencies with gritty textures.

Selected Discography

Selected 12" Releases:
Feelin' (Hospital) - appeared on Plastic Surgery 3 LP - released Mar '02
Left Of Centre (Phuturo) - appeared on Tambor y Bajo EP - released Apr '02
Jersey Deep / It's In The Way (Defunked) - released July '02
Fantasy / Second Chance (Frontline) - released Aug '02
Rhode Runna / Move On (Renegade) - released Sept '02
Chris Su: Airlift - Mathematics Lifted Remix (Music4Ever) - released Nov '02
Ils: Music - Mathematics Sounds Good Remix (Marine Parade) - released Dec '02
AK1200: Deja Nu - Mathematics Episode (Breakbeat Science/Run) - released Dec '02
Booty Conspiracy / Make U Mine (CIA) - released January '03
Don't Love Me (Defunked) - on Mind, Body & Soul LP - released Mar '03
Styles For Miles / Motion Lotion (Subtronix) - released Apr '03
Badmarsh & Shri: Signs - Mathematics Dub Mix (Outcaste) - released Fall '03
Funhouse / Brass Knuckles (Frontline) - released Fall '03
One Day (Incident) - split single with Aquasky - released Fall '03
Here & Now / Backdraft (Social Studies) – released May ’04
Mathematics vs. Tactile: Rub A Dub / In & Out (Social Studies) – released Aug’04
Drowning featuring Alison Crockett + remixes (Social Studies) - released Nov ‘04
A-Sides: Everything – Mathematics Remix (Levitated) – released Dec ‘04
Jazz / Sphinx (Social Studies) – released Mar ‘05
Mathematics vs. Tactile: Remember / Dead End (Social Studies) - released Jul '05
Bubbler (Hard:edged) – on Water:gate LP – released Oct ‘05
Mathematics vs. Mijatoho: Move It Down / Infiltrate (Social Studies) - released Nov '05

Selected Music Appearances and Sound Design in:
Rockstar Games/Global Star Software: Outlaw Tennis
Liz Claiborne: 2005 Townhall Corporate Meeting
VH1: 2005 Black History Month
Wolverine apparel: Iceland and Alaska commercials
Nike: Speed, Reflex Adrenaline
Comedy Central: 2006, 2005, 2004, and 2003 Animated IDs
SpikeTV: 2004 Video Game Awards - Theme and Promos
EuroRSCG: Volvo XC90 website (
Bunim/Murray Productions: MTV Real World, Road Rules, and Challenge
Fighting Toothbrush Films: Ingredients, Ingredients trailer
MTV Rock'n'Jock Super Bowl commercial
Ford: Explorer, Mustang commercials
Trizetto Healthcare corporate presentation


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