I'm the Mighty Chief, named after an Ashanti king, and so I have been called Chief from birth by all. Went to university of texas at Arlington(UTA) for a year studying chemical engineering, finally ended up in Vegas and got my private pilot license for a single engine land and then transferred to University of Nevada Las Vegas(UNLV), graduated with a B.S Biochemistry.
My sole inspiration is from Tupac. I think of myself as the die hardest Tupac fan on the planet. Grew up listening to Bob Marley. Started rapping to the tunes of Shabba Ranks and Musical Youth, then got into hiphop.Began making my own beats adds to a ton of lyrics.Learning from the best,Pac, I keep writing, cuz practice makes perfect and winners never quit.
My background in music carries a diversity that gives me an edge to produce a unique sound to meet the challenges of the ever growing music downloads over the internet and offer a product that is very attractive.
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