Bringing a new dimension to country rock ,with electric and acoustic guitars blended together with four part harmonys this band is unique in its style and has to be seen...
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Midwezt have another hereward fm battle of the bands 22nd july .

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way of introduction Midwezt are a four piece band consisting of Charlie Armitage/Mick Davison/Mirko Muneratti and Eddy Duff ,Charlie who originates from wakefield west yorkshire started out wanting to be a hairstylist but soon realised she was very creative in performing and songwriting ,Charlie took off around the world for a couple of years finding inspiration and ideas along the way before coming back to the uk to find a band to work with,based in peterborough she was introduced to mick and after a few beers and a long chat decided to get together and write some songs ,it was only a matter of time before they realised something was happening and started to perform as a duo,Mick Davison a prolific songwriter with plenty of experience behind him was once signed to decca records and toured with his band the writ sharing same stages as the who and the moody blues ,Inspired by Crosby-Stills and Nash/Neil Young and the Evely Brothers, micks harmonys are always spot on,After about a year performing as a duo they decided to take there music to the next level by adding bass and lead guitar,whilst at a party one night mick introduced eddy duff to charlie and they clicked straight away. After one rehearsal eddy never left ,his dedication and passion for the newly formed band was amazing,Eddy lived in south africa for 21 years and toured extensively with the african legend Dion Williamson .hes a great bass player and the back bone of the band ,also providing great backing vocals .Finding the lead guitarist wasn't as easy , they auditioned a few.. some lacked soul and some just didn't have the dedication, and at one point they were going to keep it a three piece until eddy one day introduced Mirko Muneratti. Mirko walked into the rehersal room and never left,Mirko knows how to play guitar and plays it with a great deal of passion .every song they threw at him he loved and always has great ideas and arrangments for the songs ,Mirko originates from italy then moved to london, where he gigged extensively, he also lived in brighton for awhile before coming to peterborough,mirko is an amazing lead guitar player and can also play bass he too provides great backing vocals..... .Midwezt decided to keep it a four piece band without drums and if you catch a gig sometime you'll understand why, with a great percussive sound blended together by acoustic and electric guitars and four part harmonys this band is very unique in its style.

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