"Never Not myself" 6 song EP released Feb 14th 2008.
-Live performance venues, event and festivals in Los Angeles, CA for 2008.
The Viper Room (Hollywood)
The Key Club (Hollywood)
The Good Hurt ( International Pop Overthrow Festival)
The Talking Stick (Santa Monica)
Fattitude Festival (West Hollywood)
American Cancer society Beniefit (Brentwood)
Kalidascope Mall (Mission Viejo)
Unurban Cafe (Santa Monica)
The Stone bar (Hollywood)
Gallery W 13 (Event, Downtown LA)
Borders Books (Long Beach)
The Library (Long Beach)
Candle Light Bar ( Simi Valley)
Moonshadow night club (N.Hollywood)
Viento Y Agua Coffee House ( Long Beach)
Kulak's Woodshed (N.Hollywood)
The Art Share LA (Downtown LA)
A Night of Fashion, Music and Fun (Event, Downtown LA)
M Bar (LAWIM event, Hollywood)
Java with Javalyn (Culver City, Santa Monica)
Synergy Lounge Cafe (Culver City)
Artist For A Better World (Event, Hollywood)
Air Conditioner (Santa Monica)
The Verity Room (Canoga Park)
Females on Fire festival (Encino)
Bada Bean (SLC, UT)
Airliner (LA,CA)
DIY Book Festival (Hollywood)
Girl Fest 2008 (Las Vegas)
Hollywood Now with Kim Coles (WEHO)

Michele Vreeland Bio

Melodic pop rock artist Michele Vreeland is a standout with her focused lyrics and melodic harmonies. Born into the sounds of California, this native really connects into the heart of pop music leaving it in perfect harmony. 2008 is proving to be already exciting year for MV starting with the release of her upcoming 6 song EP titled "Never not myself". 100 Girl Spill Records debut's the release. With titled songs "Wanted to Say" and "I'm A Person" are now getting online and college radio play. "Nico", "Who I Am" and "LA Dream" shows MV's more alt/pop/rock sound. MV really shines on the guitar and vox as she now performs with a full band. This band showcases her more edgy rock side as opposed to her intament solo acoustic performances that she has been showcasing throughout the year here in Los Angeles.
Michele's voice is really hard to define by just naming another artist. Her sound is unique and all her own! Harriet Schock, Platinum songwriter/recording artist, has this to say about her.

"Michele Vreeland is a gifted singer/songwriter with an innate sense of melody and harmony and a unique take on things which makes her lyrics interesting and distinctly hers. Her voice is exceptional, which, combined with her ability to arrange and produce, creates recordings that can be listened to over and over".

The Capitial Clinic from The FUZZ Network as written a rave review of Michele Vreeland titled "Progression of a Pro",

"To me, her lastest song upload, Understanding, reveals Michele's progression to yet another level. This one has greater complexity and nuance and demonstrates MV's understanding of her real world of sound and where it might go - to move, if you will, "beyond Californy Girl". Michele is moving on to develop a more distinctive signature. I like this world: a little bit of country, little folk, still that "LA Girly" sound [which is OK] but with more willingness to experiment with her deeper chords which, to me, define her. This one has more urgency, more claim to a beat world. In fact, it beats. This one is my fav, so far". You can read the full review here:

Michele has been selected as one of the top 18 finalist for the cover zone artist search at: www.thecoverzone.com/Contests/bands/Vreeland.html. This event is tied to sponsors "Vans" , Curly grrlz Skateboard www.curlygrrlz.com, www.Demo-ology.com and many more.

Michele is one of the top 10 finalist up for the 2008 Comet award", selected by "Los Angeles Women in Music" sponsored by Music Connection Magazine.

Santa Barbara's local TV network has showcased her song "Understanding" to be played over Brad Pitt and Angelina's video footage from the couples lastest visit to the city.

"Song of the year", supporter of VH1 Save the Music has selected Michele Vreeland as one of their "Suggested Artist". MV just performed at this year's "International Pop Overthrow" with her full band.

MV has been busy promoting her little EP and was recently seen on the morning news show Day Break OC performing a acoustic version of her song "I'm a Person" and was asked to stay and lead the criedits out with "Wanted to Say".

Michele is currently planning to finish up recording the full record of "Never Not Myself" with the title of the CD being defined by MV as "to be oneself at all times in any given situation and by that you are made free". The full release is expected to have a stunning 12 tracks all written and produced by MV.

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