What's up everyone, my name is Wayne Mercado bka Forenzic owner and producer of Mercado Entertainment. I started at the age of 13 as a DJ, slowly workin' my way up to what I do today. You will hear music from some of my artist as well as my own work.
Feel free to listen and comment on them and my projects. Become our friend and stay updated on new music and new blogs, once again thak you for

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Working on album with Cannibal called "BOOGIE MAN", should be done by Nov. 19 2009 and release party on Dec. 31 2009.

About Me:

I started at the age of 13 as a DJ with my brother, as I was in school I had a few friends that wanted to get into the misic business. So we decided to start a crew called C.A.S.H (Cold Ass Street Hustlerz). We started performing in local talent shows and we had small gigs. As years went by we separated and went our own ways, I ended up moving to NJ and starting my own publishing company. I also started producing music for local artist and accomplished the same results I did in Michigan, that is when I knew that I wanted to do this for a living and moved back to Michigan.

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Clean Clean

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