'Megalomania' is a rock band whose style evolves between rock styles; from the crude sound of Soundgarden to the subtelty of Jeff Bucley going through Muse, Depeche Mode, Bjork, Tool, U2, Radiohead, Mars Volta....etc...etc... >>>MEGALOMANIA<<<

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Megalomania at Malandar, 28th December'06.

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Despite their name, Megalomania is not a project borne of delirium or madness about fame or delusions of grandeur.
Their idea is to stay fresh and clean, away from everything their name represents, but reminding with humour and irony these deliriums so typical of the world of music and of human nature in general - which other bands such as Muse or Incubus have referred to.

At the end of 2005, guitarist Javi Valero (alias Javi Marssiano) and his old friend, bass player Javi Vargas, after a long season without playing together they meet and start discussing ideas to respond to their desire of making something different from everything they have done until then. Everything begins with meetings, discussing and sharing experiences, but soon the longing for giving expression to their emerging ideas leads them to contact Moisés Vázquez, a friend of Vargas, who takes the part of second guitarist and singer, and Chacho, drum player and friend of both with whom they had worked on many occasions.

Soon, and thanks to team work, ideas start taking shape and they decide it is time to get a singer more appropriate to the style of the band, and then contacted with David, and after showing him some ideas the band becomes complete.

Megalomania is an alternative rock band, influenced by different names and very diverse styles due to the various tastes of its members, from the crude sound of Muse to Bjork's cutting-edge style, through the rock of Audioslave and Incubus, or the sensitivity of Rufus Wainwright or Jeff Buckley. This “audio melting pot” gives them an eclectic sound where every detail is cared for.

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