A Whitney Houston’s diva style singer with a hot Latin scene, doing it as good in English as in Spanish. Mayre is gifted with perfect pitch and the “Whistle Register”,which means her voice range can cover up to four octaves on the piano,a very unusual quality in a vocalist. Mayré first began composing and standing out as a vocalist in many TV commercials and special shows; soloing at events such as the wedding of the famous Venezuelan TV actor, Daniel Alvarado, broadcasted on “Sabado Sensacional”, a prime-time show for Latin American audiences,including Miami. She was the solo singer at the Premiere of “Anastasia” sponsored by 20th Century Fox. Mayré has shared the stage with popular Venezuelan musical talents such as Soledad Bravo and Ricardo Montaner.
Winner of the Latin American Song Festival in California, as INTERNATIONAL TALENT 2000 with “Con Nadie Más” ,With No One Else composed, produced and performed by her, a recognition that has only been awarded three times in 22 years.
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