hi :)

i like to think aout religious things.
holy and unholy
good and evil
up and down
in and out

my mommy sits in a library, and she doesn't like me much
i like to quote smart people, but i dont know if they quote me

i like to collaborate, because im a man of vision
i like to have my songs posted at other pages, so i dpnt have to post them myself, here
i usually keep all my songs out of public view, and tjats why bim here now
i also dont allow comments, so forget that idea
i dont have any connections either
no bio
no news
no nuttin'

i have a close eye on things, im a man of vision o/0
i did it until i went blind

here's to your health :)
please thank my collabortors, so i can do some serious basking of the hounds villas, in Spain

luv ya
JC, of the H-bombers

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Sassy Lee
over 30 days ago to Mayan J. Con CaRneY

Hey sorry i responded to you so late no on here much..but yoru music was skippingso ihavent had a chance to listen but wil try again..later thanks for takign teh time to listen to me appreciate it alot!

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