Born in Moscow, Marynka lives in Amsterdam. Her songs have bits of folk, electronic, dance, pop, classical, and traditional Russian music. Her music varies from dreamy and emotional to teasing and playful; it’s like a magic cabaret of love and adventure. Imagine yourself taking a walk through the alley, fully covered with giant red roses, trying to hide from the rain of love. Sounds too much? Not too much for Marynka.

Marynka's bio

Marynka was born in Moscow and raised as a real “pioneer”. In Moscow she studied composition and performance and learned a great deal at the Theater Academy and the Conservatory. Marynka sings, plays the piano, keyboards, Celtic harp, accordion and harmonica. She composes and arranges most of her music herself.
Marynka moved to Amsterdam in 1989. She studied at the Kleinkunst (acting and cabaret) Academy in Amsterdam and at the Conservatory of Music in Utrecht.

Marynka’s music is a mix of many musical styles, including: folk, pop, jazz, classical music, dance, traditional Russian music and cabaret.
Marynka’s debut albut ‘Privet’ was released in 2004 in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, England and France. In 2006 she released another album: ‘2 much is not enough’. Both albums were made together with the drummer Rob Kloet from the Dutch band ‘de Nits’ ( and the producer Mike Stewart ( The Russian producer DJ Goldfinger (Maxim Shaposhnikov) also worked on ‘2 much is not enough’.
The members of Marynka’s band are DJ Goldfinger, the cellist Leonie Stevens and the multi-instrumentalist Fay Lovsky. Regular guest performers include: trumpetist Saskia Laroo, drummer Jeroen Blankert and the violinist Monica Germino.

Last few years Marynka performed at different places all around the world. She played at the Film Festival ‘Spirit of Fire’ in Siberia, at the Salisbury International Arts Festival in England and performed many times in the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, the United States and Canada.

Marynka has organized of the annual ‘Women in Paradise’ festival since 2005. This festival takes places each year in Paradiso in Amsterdam in celebration of the International Women’s Day on March 8th. Marynka is the initiator and artistic motor behind ‘Women in Paradise’.

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