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My song "Wherever I'm Gone"--penned in a stupor while slumped over the bar of Elixer (S.F.) -- was just licensed for the closing credits of the indy film "Thirteen States". soon to be screened at Cannes.

A short and laughable bio

Ira Marlowe has strolled with his guitar between the tables of a Howard Johnson's.

 He's performed at a circumcision.

 He's endured a parade of bumbling managers, three failed record deals, and all the ego-stomping a life on the fringes of the music business can offer. He's extremely bitter.
But things are looking up. After twenty years writing downer songs for downer people, he was recently discovered by education giant The Learning Company. He now supplements his income by writing depressing songs for children.
In 2004, he performed a semi-hit multimedia show called "How to Write a Song". The San Francisco Examiner loved it. The Chronicle less so. His song "The Wish" appears alongside Tom Waits and David Bowie on the "Songs Inspired by Literature" CD. He's released three acclaimed kids' CDs on his own BRAINY TUNES label and is currently at work on his third CD for adults, The Masked Marlowe.

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