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over 30 days ago to maelin joli

thankyou Maelin for your review of my song "Mi Mano". I don't compose pop really, but this was a teenage vocal project that didn't saw the light, but i think this particular song is good. thanks again

David D. Mason
over 30 days ago to maelin joli

Thank you for you very generous review of "Zander" who is my very lively and playful Grandson. He asked me to write him a song and this is what he got

over 30 days ago to maelin joli

Thanks for the positive review of my song "Sad No More". I appreciate that you took the time to offer some meaningful comments and insight.

I couldn't resist taking a listen to "Ride On". Nice job. It's well put together, well-played, and recorded. It reminds me of the hair band scene as well! Even the guitar tone is dead on.

Keep cranking out the tunes...

Tony G. from LightFinger

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maelin joli
over 30 days ago

hey thanks for your comments! - the guitar tone comes from an old rockman

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