Middle Age Dudes WithOut Drugs

Old friends (over 25 years) dabbled with our instruments separately through our lives finally got together to create something artisticly unique.

Dave DeBolt - Guitars, Vocals

Rick Bowman - Bass, Guitars, Keyboard

Fabian Cawley - Percussion

David DeBolt

I'm the sensitive and unsettled member of the band. Probably shouldn't be writing this about myself due to my ego.
I am the principle songwriter and barely passable guitarist of MADWOD. I've been writing since I was 6 years old and playing guitar since 19 after my mother found my 1st guitar at a yard sale. She gave it to me for my birthday because I'd been whining and moaning about turning my poetry into songs.
Over the past 26 years, the guitar has been put away, taken out, put away, and taken out many times. It always took a back seat to normal life (job, bills, children, wives, etc.).
A bit of an idealist, for 25 years it was my dream to play with Richard and Fabian. Never wanted to be a guitar player in general or play out or get free beer or any of that. I just wanted to get with my best friends because I always believed it could be magic.
For the past couple of years, about every few months, my dream has been reality.
We don't get together near as much as I'd like, but we get a little better each time.
We self produce using Cakewalk Sonar 5 Producer Edition and it's been a trick in itself.
Now that the dream has taken hold, I've been working in earnest to become a real guitar player so I can hold my own with the 2 real musicians in the band, Fabian and Richard.

Richard Bowman

Much like Dave, not as sensitive, but just as unsettled.
Back in the day (20 years ago), Dave didn't get to play his guitar until he shanghai'd Rich into tuning it for him.
Like the rest of us, middle age crept into his persona and the grand catharsis is music.
Rich played first chair saxophone in the high school band and he's been playing the guitar and bass ever since. He's a natural with an ear that makes it possible to hear a song and almost immediately play it.
Of course, the music had to take a back seat through his "normal" life too.
There's a couple of old guys that are real happy to be jamming with him.

Fabian Cawley

The pragmatic one. Probably why he's the drummer. Nice thing, though, he doesn't have the stereotypical attitude of a drummer. You know what I mean, "issues".
Fabian is more of the Neal Peart variety of drummer, calm, cool and collected.
Dedicated family man, Fabian and his wife, Denise, raised 3 fine young men and have been married for 26 years.
He started in MADWOD with a traditional drum kit. This, of course, was too loud to practice with frequently at home. He now plays a Yamaha digital set that is much easier to transport and practices a lot more with the aid of headphones and his iPod.
Fabian is the guy that everybody loves because his heart is big enough for all three of us.
Thanks go to a gracious God that he plays with MADWOD.

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