Laura Laurita is a Lithuanian recording artist and songwriter.
She is singing since she was a child at nursery, high school, university and now.
In March 2014 Laura Laurita went to International Talent Festival "Nation Pride" and won Grand Prix nomination of "Vocal" plus 5 Gold Medals of "Talent" for each performed song and as well Certificate of "Art & Fasion" to represent Russia and perform kind of arts at the World Champion in Los Angeles.
Laura Laurita has been invited to join and perform with some other singers at the International "Jonines Londone" ("John in London") Festival in Leyton London on the 22nd of June2014.
Laura Laurita had received an invitation from Famous singer of Lithuania Daina Bileviciute to perform live for her 25th anniversary in music industry which will be in the beginning of August 2014.
Beginning of September Laura Laurita is going to Romania TV singing competition where will be performing live three songs and competing with other competitioners.

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At the moment is working on the new video called - Heaven. As well getting ready for Eurovision Song Contest 2015.
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