Lance Lindley is a songwriter whose compositions span a wide spectrum of genres. A veteran of countless "local bands" in various cities around the world, Lance plays and sings all the parts on most of his creations out of sheer necessity. Always looking for new stories to tell and new ways to tell them, Lance is open to collaboration with songwriters and musicians in any genre.

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Formed a long-term internet collaboration with Noel Burke of Miltford, Connecticut, called Scarface Betty. We are up on YouTube and Band Vista as well as Twitter. Check it out!

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To me, I sound like me. What are your thoughts?


Virtually everyone who put out a record from the 1960s through today, especially the synth pop/new wave bands of the 80s. Tight structures, strong hooks, catchy countermelodies...


Raised during the decades where music was accelerating in every direction, Lance's musical tastes were influenced by everyone from the Beatles and Sinatra, through Willie Nelson, to Gary Numan and the Sex Pistols and up into the modern era of Dashboard Confessional and Brooks & Dunn. His eclectic tastes nurtured a similarly broad musical creativity, which has been further enhanced by his extensive travels. Born in Abilene, Texas, Lance has lived in Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Seattle, Orlando, Japan, Malta, Italy, and the British Indian Ocean Territory, and has spent quality time in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Hawaii, Guam, Ireland, Australia and Crete. Having played with several bands in several cities over the years, Lance's musical compositions are indicative of his panoramic life experiences, never settling into one genre, but taking on the flavor of the emotions involved in the story line. As a trained, second-generation journalist, Lance has a lyrical knack for turning a phrase and telling a story in a minimum of words.


Lance Lindley
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Lately I'm focusing my efforts on an internet collaboration band called Scarface Betty. We're a bit more straight ahead classic pop rock than my solo efforts, check us out at 1

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