---Lady Jane - this is longing, love, courage.---

Close your eyes and you are at the place where you want to be.

---Lady Jane - this is hope, farewell and beginning.---

Come with me to the sea, under the surface of all things.

---Lady Jane - this is possibility, dream and sense.---

Be what you want to be. Now.

I am a singer-songwriter and pianist from Cologne, Germany, known by my stage name as Lady Jane. In 2011 I recorded my first, yet unreleased EP called "My turn" with the musician and multi-intrumentalist Fred Newman. I gathered some musicians to form a band that I named "Lady Jane". I arranged my songs for voice and piano (Jana ReiƟ), saxophone (Lars Dieckmann), guitar (Robert Oschatz) and percussion/drums (Mira Herold) and since 2011 the four of us have played gigs in the local music scene.

In 2013 I entered six of my songs in the UK Songwriting Contest and obtained two Semi-Finalists in the categories Love Song and Acoustic for my songs "I seek your hear
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Crosseyed Miles
over 30 days ago to Lady Jane

I think it's kinda funny/ironic that our songs "Ivy" are on the charts next to each other quite a bit lol!!!

Jim Rezac
over 30 days ago to Lady Jane

Our songs have been making a Top Ten list together. Wanted to say hello and "Good Luck! Nice tunes! Jim Rezac www.jimrezac.com

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