Hailing from Western Colorado, modern metal band, L.A.D. Theory, was formed in March 2005. The band consists of Brandon L. Ray, Justino Covello, Shown Petross, David Boies and Eric Knez. In the few short months they've been together the band has already traveled to Chicago's own Engine Studios to record their first EP, shared the stage with the likes of Warrant and Skid Row, and currently has two songs in the top 10 Broadjam Heavy Metal category. The latter after just two weeks with their material on Broadjam. Influenced by such bands as Mudvayne, Drowning Pool and Slipknot to name a few, but despite these influences, L.A.D. Theory has succeeded in finding it's own unique identity. If they've accomplished this much in only five very short months, just keep watching, they're only getting started.


L.A.D. Theory Biography

“Man, we tried to stop, but we just couldn’t…once the music is in your blood, it just doesn’t go away!” That was the mantra of the two individuals who formed L.A.D Theory in the spring of 2004. After their former band “Flydust” was dissolved in the winter of 2003, Brandon Ray (vocals) & Shown Petross (guitar) thought they were probably done with the music scene. However after some much needed rest and time away from the music, they were ready to embark on a new, more serious project. After a few meetings, Shown and Brandon solicited the help of Justino Covello to play guitar. Shown explains, “Justino was a HUGE Flydust fan. Oftentimes he would come and watch Flydust practice and he never missed a show. We knew how dedicated a fan he was, but didn’t exactly know how good of a musician he was. Once he was offered the opportunity to play, he left his new life in Las Vegas and things really clicked between him and me.” Shown goes on to add, “The songs came fast and furious….and we were having fun again!” Now having a bunch of new material and being without a drummer and bass player they were in a quandary. After much coaxing, Brandon, Shown & Justino were finally able to convince two of their former Flydust members to join L.A.D. Theory. Now with Eric Knez on drums and David Boies on bass, they were ready to really start the machine.

“We get asked a lot about what the name “L.A.D Theory” means.” says Brandon. “It stands for Life and Death Theory. That’s what we sing about, life and death. Not in a morbid way, just about the life and times here on lovely planet earth. We all have to take the good with the bad and deal with it in our own way.” While Flydust was more of a Nu-Metal sound, L.A.D. Theory has taken a more aggressive path, musically, along the lines of Mudvayne and Slipknot, while keeping the vocals more melodic. “Brandon can scream with the best of them”, explains Eric. “But he actually sings, too. I really like the contrast.”

With four of the five members being part of their recent past, the L.A.D. boys have really grown up and have learned much from past projects, mistakes made and lessons learned. Their approach to the music they write and to their shows and fans is much more business oriented. They recently traveled to Engine Studios in Chicago to record their first self-titled EP. “That was the best decision we’ve made to date.” explains Justino. “Recording in that caliber of facility with that caliber of personnel, really allowed us to capture every essence of our energy and sound. What you hear on the disc is L.A.D. Theory all the way.” David adds, “Yeah, we simply could not have achieved that quality, locally, that is so important in a demo. The whole purpose of a demo is to show everyone what you are all about, right? We are totally excited about the overall outcome.”

Having played alongside such groups as Skid Row, Warrant, Ted Nugent & Great White as well as headlining several of their own shows, word is beginning to travel. “Hey, we’re just getting’ started,” says Eric “and if you like what you hear now, you’ve just got to come see us live! Now please, realize that we’re really into the recording aspect, but L.A.D. Theory is all about live fan interaction. Nothing beats playing live, that whole vibe is absolutely intoxicating…..” Amen to that brotha!!


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