Keron James

Three words, Sexy Caribbean Soul, pretty much sums up the music of one of Trinidad and Tobago’s up and coming stars Keron James. This strapping but smooth soulful singer brings a sultry blend of his native Soca music along with his crooner-like R&B style to the stage. What you get is an alluring combination of unforgettable melodies and catchy hooks coupled with stunning vocals and major sex appeal. But that’s not all, add entertainment attorney to this singer’s impressive resume and you’ve got a complete package.

Hailing from the twin island paradise of Trinidad and Tobago this Caribbean sensation is all singer, songwriter, musician, and entertainment lawyer wrapped up into one.... Keron’s musical ambition is closely tied to his profound desire to help build Trinidad and Tobago’s budding music industry. In August 2000, Keron postponed the pursuit of his promising singing career to go to law school at Loyola University New Orleans, gain admission to the State Bar of Georgia in the US and then head back to his native soil where he has been utilizing his legal expertise and knowledge of the music business to assist musicians and businessmen alike.

Never straying too far from his dream Keron has remained committed to his first love....MUSIC....and now he is back on the music scene poised to take things even further than before with his new single “So Hot,” an infectious Soca/R&B track with major international appeal produced by none other than Trinidad’s hit music producer Charsu and Daniel Simpson. Ask Keron why he’s made this bold move at this time and he’ll tell you “Music will always be my core....and the timing feels perfect....the music is sounding better than ever before and my songwriting is really hitting the spot.”

All set to show Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the world what he’s got, the release of his first single “So Hot” has set the tone for an exciting journey that is sure to leave you wanting more of the soulful sounds of this talented son of the soil....Keron James!


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