Kristopher Stone is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer/songwriter with a variety of performer/writer/producer/engineer credits. Writer forms: song, instrumental, screenplay, book and musical theatre, playing many lead roles in and directing theatrical stage productions. Creative projects with many artists over 20 years of recording studio business ownership and live event production/sound engineering.

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1. Adoring You
13. Late Night Thing

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"I play The Chakras CD continuously during therapy sessions which enhances the healing environment for my patients as well as myself."
Howard E. Richmond, M.D.
Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist Clinical Instructor, UCSD Medical School

"Its a hot item. We play the CD in store more than any other music."
Fernando Sanchez
Manager - Postal Annex, Encinitas, CA

"The Chakras CD has been played countless times in our massage rooms. It was tested here many times for effectivesness during the "in production" process of creating the CD. Congratulations, Kristopher!"
Jerry Lawrence and Annie Benifield
Vitality Training Center Solana Beach, CA


Ray Lynch,,,


Kristopher Stone is a San Diego recording artist / producer, ASCAP writer / publisher. Abilities include screenwriting, songwriting, singing, playing keyboards, guitar, flute, orchestration and Midi production. Kristopher?s studio and live event production credits include countless recordings and events spanning 18 years in the business. Songwriter credits include songs in movies, ?The Radio?s Got Me Cryin? Again? in TRAPPER COUNTY WAR and ?Don?t Fool With Me? co-written with Mick Smiley in STRANDED. Kristopher?s instrumental works include the CDs INNER CHRISTMAS and THE CHAKRAS (Series) Kristopher has performed one man shows, toured Europe with vocals groups, played lead roles in nine plays / musicals, given a variety of guest performances at showcases / concerts / services, and has received many scholarships / awards for music and acting.

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