The Making of Kira's Rage

Kiras Rage is a melodic pop band from Arizona that began as low-key acoustic collaboration between, singer-songwriter Sam Guioco and guitarist Brian "Waz" Wasilefsky. The two long time friends and aspiring musicians were tired of working independently on projects that never quite got off the ground, and so they began to jam together in a spare room at Wazs parents house. Sam and Wazs shared passion for music and melody fashioned an undeniable creative chemistry that would lay the motivating foundation for Kiras Rage. Before long, Sam and Waz recruited drummer Lynn Monaghan (Waz's sister) and bassist Nick Gasser to fill out the rhythm section. After continued practice and writing over the course of several weeks, the foursome decided it was time to share their new material with a live audience.

Eager to receive feedback on their promising collaboration, the early version of Kiras Rage played a short acoustic set in a local music showcase, hosted by singer-songwriter Nick Shelby Granum. Granum (who had jammed with Waz and Lynn in the past), was so excited by the potential he saw in the performance that he immediately put his solo project on hold to begin jamming with the foursome. Granum brought with him to the sessions a complimentary guitar style with a touch of southern influence that would give Kira's Rage a unique and inclusive sound. As the rehearsals became more focused, and the songs more complete, the group decided it was time to put what they had written to tape.

In October of 2005 Kiras Rage headed to Flying Blanket Studios to record work with vastly talented producer and engineer, Bob Hoag. In addition to producing records for nationally-known acts such as The Format and Limbeck, Hoag has produced and engineered countless pop and punk records for many of the best bands in the Phoenix-area. Through working with Hoag and integrating his perspective on the sound of their songs, Kiras Rage became increasingly refined. As production on the EP wrapped in winter of 2005, Nick Gasser and Kiras Rage parted ways and singer-songwriter P.J. Magdziarz naturally transitioned into the role of bass player.


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