Jordan Bubba South

Sex on the go

1. Get on top (Feat. Josie Evans)
2. Riding in a Cadillac
3. Sex on the go

New Music from this South Florida Artist:

1.Get on top (Feat. Josie Evans)

2. Riding in a Cadillac

3. Sex on the go

All songs written and produced by Jordan Bubba South
The guitar on Riding in a Cadillac by Themi Kyriazis and the horn played by Doug Reed.

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Copyright 2010

Jordan Story

Jay Z. And Live Nation:

Jigga just signed a new Artist Jordan Bubba South.

The deal was signed February 23, 2010.

Jay Z word:
I feel like he will bring something completely different than we are used to hearing.
His style is different and he has a unique sound that distinguishes him from other rappers and from other hip/hop Artist. He brings back the fun to the music.

I believe a lot of the music was missing the fun we use to have with Flash Light and One Nation Under a Groove back in those days.

Jordan brings back excitement to the music and the state of music needs him.

Not only is he an entertainer with a unique concepts he produces and writes all kinds of music R&B, Hip / Hop, Rap and he also produces Rock music, so he is a valuable tool to the music industry.

The younger generation and older generation will appreciate his music and the new style that he brings, because it relates to younger and older people.

Jordan Bubba South word:
I give all Thanks to the Creator.

Although music and writing is his life.

Jordan Bubba South begin his music career at the age of 13 years old.

Jordan Bubba South is a book writer & Song Writer

Jordan has all kinds of songs under his belt, R&B, Rock, Hip Hop, Rap & Country.

With tracks for Cassie, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Soldier Boy and many other Artist Jordan music is creating a change in the music industry and that's what we need in the world of music today.

Born in Florida, but Jordan has lived in many other States:
California, New York, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

And this is what made him the man he is today.

Starting his own record label on the side while working at Valeo engineering for 5 years he wrote and produce music for 3 different Artist.

Then starting an auto sales business that did well for many years Jordan made a living selling cars and he produce music on the side for different Artist.

Up coming projects:

Working on a few books coming soon.

Jordan is now promoting his up and coming new CD.

What the world been waiting for:

With a variety of feel good tracks.
This Artist will create a new way in music. a way that will help the underprevlidge Artist to display their music.

His company will set up drop boxes where people can drop off CD and bio's without a lawyer.

Many people cannot afford lawyers because they are struggling to pay for their project. And this is where Jordan will help:

Vision Entertainment World Wide:

Books and Music

Jordan Bubba South

Songs now availible:

1. Get on Top (feat Josie Evans)

2. Riding in a Cadillac


3. Sex on the go

All songs written and produce by Jordan Bubba South Copyright 2010.

No Unauthorized Copying.

This music cannot be used in no way shape or form without written permission from the author;

All rights reserved:

Copyright 2010.

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