Jon Jones is an up and coming 26 year old rock musician from the Los Angeles area whose reputation precedes him. He writes and records all of his own original music and is inspired by legendary classic rock bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Recently he's been featured in a number of magazines, newspapers and compilation albums and has received awards for song writing. His songs have made it as high as the Top 5 on the FMQB AC Charts and can be heard on commercial radio stations in all 50 states. Go wo to hear and see more.

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"Try It Now" most added on FMQB, AC radio. New CD, Songs from the 2nd Circle just released with 16 brand new songs.
National US Tour begins Friday, June 13th at The Cat Club, Hollywood, CA, then on to Mesa, Austin, Dallas, Memphis, Raleigh, Washington DC, Philadelphia, NYC, Asbury Park, Pittsburgh, Toledo, Chicago, St. Louis, KC, Denver and ending in Las Vegs


Jon Jones has had songs as Broadjam's "song of the month", several including "Leave It to My Baby, "Out of thePicture", "Sundown", Vicious Circles, etc. listed in Broadjam's top 10 Rock Classic, Alternative and Modern. Thanks for all of your support.

Rock, Rock, and more Rock

Restless, brash rhythms and brooding, soul searching words capture the musical genius of Jon Jones Band Not Included. Jon Jones is a 24 year old musician who has been writing music for over 10 years . He writes and records all of his own music, laying down the tracks for the various instruments. ?I hear the music all in my head, you know, the guitars, bass line, a drum beat; the trick is putting it all together and making it work. On the flip side, when the tunes get stuck in your head, you can?t get them out, and after awhile, believe me, you want to get them out but you can?t. I guess it?s a small price to pay.? The music Jon Jones plays is irresistible and introspective and can even be gut wrenching at times but never easily forgotten. His music is a whole new genre for the rock and roll world When this seemingly quiet 6 ? 2? guy who looks more like a Viking than a musician takes the stage and his guitar comes to life you know you?re in for something earth-shaking especially as the deep, bluesy baritone voice compels you to sit up and listen.

Making his first album with producer Darian Rundall was a great experience for both musician and producer. Going back to the studio soon to do more instrumentals for a new album is already calendared. Jon Jones has and is appearing in southern CA and hopes to soon travel the world. He works with Eugene Foley, Inc. and South Beach Marketing (radio promotions).

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