Johnny C. Jones A.K.A. "JCSilk, The Designer" is a fresh emerging Artist/Producer located in Seattle, WA. designing dynamic quality music in the genres as follows:
Custom SoundTracks Designed in Broadcast Quality
Contemporary Gospel
Smooth Jazz
TV & Film SoundTracks

Johnny believes music enjoyment is not a point of cultural separation rather, an expression of our exceptionality and melodic experiences.

Johnny's extraordinary musical presentations are acceptably pleasing to diverse listeners.

To distinguish himself artistically, Johhny employs dynamic design and astute experience.

Now, Seattle's most distinguished and promising Artist/Producer, Johnny C. Jones invites you to unwind and reflect on the creativeness of his unique quality music. You too, will be enchanted
because you listened!

Your email, comments and expressions of support are welcomed!

Bio of Johnny C. Jones

Bio of Johnny C. Jones

Johnny C. Jones born October 8th, 1958 to Johnny and Dr. Emma B. Jones. Johnny's parents took pleasure in inspiring the artistic values of their sons, Johnny and Sam. Early on, Johnny's parents cultivated the sibblings by sending them to Classical piano and beginning music theory lessons.
The early 70's, Jimmy Hendrix's influence was the reason Johnny to learned playing riffs on the guitar.
Mid 70s, Earth Wind & Fire, Maze, and the Commodores inspired Johnny towards learning funk and R&B music.
Too, Johnny developed drumming techniques and his parents located a Jazz teacher for the purpose of instructing him in advanced music theory.

Johnny continued honing his musical skills by developing skills in playing funk and R&B music with local bands.
He too, was inspired by artist Groove Holmes and Chester Thompson of Tower of Power.
Johnny's style of playing the organ became exceptional and unique. Dr. Emma Jones capitalized by setting up venues that featured a gospel singing group and Johnny, playing unique organ solos.
The late 70s, Johnny continued venturing with R&B and Funk bands creating a buzz for himself locally.

The early 80s, Johnny became weary from performing nightclubs. Recognizing that band members only increased their indulgence in drugs, alcohol, and losing money with the female groupies. He was also weary from bad management, crooked booking agents, intoxicated band leaders making adverse decisions, and mafia style club owners responses to African-American Funk bands.
His musical aspiration turned toward contemporary Christian Jazz music. He augmented his playing style by incorporating the inspirations of artist Bob James, Quincy Jones, Larry Carleton, and Herbie Hancock.

The mid 80s He received better opportunities performing prestigious venues such as, the Paramount Theater. He shared the stage with artist, Al Green. Too, he was presented with an offer to design music and background sound effects for a multi-million dollar world commitment fund raising campaign which he completed in timely manner. Johnny played keyboards in numerous recording studios and too, initiated teaching private music lessons designing his own music theory reference manual titled, “Learning How To Play Music By Rote”.
He opted to play for the Christian Faith Center Orchestra. Via the orchestra, he developed proficiency in genres of Pop, Rock, Country, Contemporary Christian also he became the music director of the CFC youth music program. He was invited to join a Christian rock band called Fire-N-light. While performing with Fire-n-Light he shared the platform with artists Carmen, Phil Driscoll, and SilverWind.

Late 80s, music trends were shifting toward the advent of Hip-hop. By then, Johnny had increased his involvement in recording soundtracks and playing in recording studios. He provided soundtracks for a one hour Gospel Music
program that was hosted by, Dr. Emma Jones on KBLE a Christian Radio Station. He shared the stage in an outdoor concert at Garfield Park located in the heart of the African-American community in Seattle, with Commission and Fred Hammond.

During the 90s, Johnny exclusively expanded his catalog to include Hip-Hop and was inspired by Dr. Dre.

By Millennium, being supported by his family Johnny initiated the construction of a production company called, Jones Enterprises. He enrolled in Berklee Music College and in an online Business Management Course presented by the, University of Phoenix. Via the production company he facilitates budding independent artist, manufactures various genres of music for licensing, promotes personal musical ventures, and produces an efficient self-sufficient endeavor that is managed by he and his wife Carol. His memberships include: Taxi, SonicBids, and Broadjam.

The best is yet to come from this extraordinary Independent Artist/Producer. Discover the refreshing music of Johnny C. Jones!

Johnny C. Jones

Johnny C. Jones A.K.A "JCSilk, The Designer."
Artisté Extrodinare!

Johnny's music is spreading like wildfire! Recently, Johnny had two compositions reached the "Top 10" spot on the BroadJam Website listing for artist! Also, two of Johnny's songs titled, All I Can Do Is Think of You an R&B Instrumental, and Ridin High, a west coast gangsta Rap featuring budding Rapper J1ones of Seattle, WA. was selected for radio airplay by Strictly Vegas: Indie Hip-Hop Station a Las Vegas based internet radio station.
Too, another one of Johnny's instrumental compositions titled Sailing In Your Love, was selected for radio airplay by: and he received an Artist Listing on Local MusiCafe.

The buzz of JCSilk, The Designer is becoming hot across the country and emerging artist/producer Johnny C Jones's musical ambitions are being realized each time he releases another sucessful musical composition.

You may also purchase and listen to Johnny's dynamic compositions at the following sites:
Local MusicCafe

Now also listed in Quebec Canada:

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Stay tuned for future important announcements regarding the music of Johnny C. Jones.

Coming Soon, Producer Johnny C. Jones will be releasing a fresh new Hip-Hop CD with emrging Seattle area Rapper, J1ones. Don't miss the exciting debut of one of Seattle's hottest new Rap Artist!!

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